Hurricane John in Loreto – 7 pm MDT

This is Janet’s first hurricane and she’s out there braving 65 mph winds as the storm is overhead. She made her way up to Lot FN35 roof deck to take a picture and was almost blown over. I haven’t heard from her since, so I hope her little frame isn’t blowing in the wind. It is a different kind of WILD in Loreto that we haven’t seen before.

More doors and windows keep blowing open on the homes making Owner Services and the Loreto Bay crew run amuck like rats in a maze. The taco stand canteen across from my home, used to be the white truck in the picture. It is sitting on Lot FN21 adjacent to the golf course. Neither the truck or the car, or what used to be the tent and benches in between are on the road. From this picture, they could be part of the estuary. The earth block homes are however amazingly quiet and when you are in the protection of the courtyard walls, you can not hear the Big Bad John huffing and puffing threatening to blow our homes down.

The mood is light and festive amongst all the chaos. Rick and Virginia Lehman of Lot FN543 were swaying to the music with margaritas in hand. Luckily for them their lot is still a piece of sand and not going anywhere. There’s always a silver lining somewhere isn’t there?

I’m sure that Janet will be joining Rick and Virginia very soon, if not already, and then will collapse after a night to remember. I’ll prompt her for more photos tomorrow on the aftermath.


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