Good Morning Victoria Canada

It’s a beautiful morning in Victoria and the sunrises are amazing with the cloud cover over the water.

I am truly becoming a morning person as I am excited to see what each new day brings. This is a long way from the person that used to drive to work at 7 am while checking the Blackberry instead of enjoying the view. I would be in an air conditioned office at my desk glued to my computer until 2 pm, when I would go scouting for food to replenish my resources. What a life!

This is my shoebox condo that I call home here. The southeast views are constantly changing.

I love to watch the ships on the water. There are freighters, cruise ships, sailing boats, whale watching boats, and an assortment of pleasure craft.

The Olympic Mountains across the ocean in Washington State make a spectacular backdrop against the lush green trees of the city.

I enjoy my coffee on the deck and watch the city wake up around me. This is a 16 story building which for Victoria is very high. It is truly urban living as the residents are an eclectic group. There are working professionals, seniors, university students, couples, singles, and in my case mother and daughter. It’s the kind of place that you walk out the front door and there are 10 places to have coffee and read the paper within a one block radius.

Victoria is a very active city filled with health conscious people. You will see people of all ages walking, biking, rollerblading, just for the pure pleasure of it. People walk 6 or 7 blocks without even thinking about it. This is very different that Scottsdale, where there is valet parking at the Mall and shuttle service to take you from one end to the other. Of course, in 120 degree heat I can understand… but it is only like that 4 months of the year?

The weather is a very temperate reaching 20 degrees C. or 68 degrees F. during mid day. This is supposed to continue for a few more weeks before the endless rain and grey days come. I am happy to share photos of this very beautiful place with you.


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