Still Pretty Quiet in Founders Neighborhood

It’s like a ghost town in Founders Neighborhood with only three homes occupied full time by owners. This would be me, Lynn and Sharon Feenaughty, and Janet Rubenstein. There are a dozen or so rented to contractors and staff, but they keep mostly to themselves. Supposedly more owners will be returning in October and there will be much more activity with the first sales event of the season on October 7th weekend. This will be nice as the home owners really enjoy getting together and swapping stories.

Lynn, Sharon, and me, went for dinner tonight with Rich and Jean of FN105 and Sheila of FN208 who were down to check on construction progress. We had a nice time talking about the most common catch phrase used here: “Quien Sabe” or “Who Knows”. When you spend time in Loreto, you will find yourself asking several times a day “Why did they do that?" and the answer will always be “Quien Sabe”. Be prepared because it will happen without you realizing it! Here’s a picture of truck stuck on the road and it was truly puzzling how it came to be like that for no apparent reason??

Colette Mestre of FN307 moved in a few days ago. Since this was the 55th home or so to be turned over, it went like clockwork. By the third day, she was unpacked and set up with her own furniture. I’m sure this had a lot to do with Colette’s great organizational skills but Loreto Bay and the all the vendors are getting the kinks worked out in the endless details of a home close out.

There are few signs of Hurricane John left, and the roads have almost been fully repaired. An unsuspecting visitor will have no idea that this was the section of road washed out by the river of water flowing from the mountains during the storm. See if you notice it when you come back for a visit.


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