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¡hasta luego! See you later!

As I had coffee on my deck in Loreto Bay this morning, I relished in the complete solitude and silence. Even at 7 am it is 84 degrees with 95% humidity with no relief of breeze or shade. There is no person, bird, or animal as far as the eye can see and not even the sound of crickets or bees to break the trance-like state of being. As I look out onto the lush green golf course and waves lapping against the beach in the distance, surrounded by the backdrop of mountains … I realize that this is a desert and it can be a lonely place.

It is a wonderful reprieve for a short vacation or even an extended stay for a month or more, to get away from reality and the worries of everyday life. No matter where you live it is the same juggling of priorities between family, finances, career, and pleasure. For those that chose to make Loreto Bay our home, it has become a revolving door of unfilled expectations.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and…
Only one way to go ... and that is UP!

It was overcast today and looked like rain. There was a bit of thunder and Mother Nature tried hard and it did rain for about 15 minutes, but mostly all we got was 74%humidity. The cloud cover and wind made it a cool 84 degrees, but when the humidity is this high, it always feels at least 10 degrees warmer. Last week my car registered 108 degrees and if it did not spend three years in Scottsdale, I would fear that it would melt.

In this heat, we crave fruit and vegetables and they are even more scarce in the summer months. The lack of refrigeration in the smaller stores means that the fruit ripens instantly and generally goes bad before it is sold. However there is the Juice Shop which has cold coconuts, fresh fruit, and can make any assortment of smoothies and freshing fruit shakes at your request.

The owner/operator is Gabriel and he is from Huatulco. He is open for business 7 days a week from 6 am to 8 pm and a very hard worker. Drop …
First Rain of the Season in Loreto Mexico

We had a few drops of rain earlier this week which was quite refreshing but it has made it more humid than usual. I stood on my deck at 8:30 am on Monday morning and enjoyed the light sprinkle while we watched the golf course being watered. I got a few emails from friends that were concerned about the rain … but it really was non existent. However, a big deal for the desert and the local Loretanos who thought it was worth having a rain day!

All the LBC workers have been paid (except the construction workers – but there is a plan for them) so everyone is much more relaxed and happy. Many people are taking this opportunity of starting new businesses, getting new work, and there is a more positive feeling than a couple of weeks ago. Some prefer to take this time as vacation and wait out the perfect storm of LBC.

There are not many visitors this week and it is very quiet on the streets of Loreto Bay. The community pool is a wonderful 90 deg…
Happy Canada Day from Loreto Mexico!!

Formerly known as Dominion Day, this is Canada’s National day celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867 enactment of the British North American Act of 1867 which united Canada as a single country of four provinces. Wishing all my friends a fun day of picnics, gatherings and fireworks!

It is my third anniversary of living in Loreto full time. Where has the time gone? In some ways I feel ten years younger (I think it is the tequila), but mostly I feel I have aged about twenty years. When I moved into my home in July 2006, there were only 3 of us full time residents. Now, although there are 400 homes finished, I think we will see 6 home owners living in residence full time this summer. There are many homes with tenants and visitors, but it is still very quiet. Those of us that live here do not really mind and actually enjoy it for a few months until the snowbirds starting coming back in October.

Today we start Baja BOSS Property Managemen…