Only one way to go ... and that is UP!

It was overcast today and looked like rain. There was a bit of thunder and Mother Nature tried hard and it did rain for about 15 minutes, but mostly all we got was 74%humidity. The cloud cover and wind made it a cool 84 degrees, but when the humidity is this high, it always feels at least 10 degrees warmer. Last week my car registered 108 degrees and if it did not spend three years in Scottsdale, I would fear that it would melt.

In this heat, we crave fruit and vegetables and they are even more scarce in the summer months. The lack of refrigeration in the smaller stores means that the fruit ripens instantly and generally goes bad before it is sold. However there is the Juice Shop which has cold coconuts, fresh fruit, and can make any assortment of smoothies and freshing fruit shakes at your request.

The owner/operator is Gabriel and he is from Huatulco. He is open for business 7 days a week from 6 am to 8 pm and a very hard worker. Drop by for a cool one and light snack, and rest in the shade at the tables inside. It is located kitty corner to the Mision Church along the boulevard of shops. You can't miss all the green foilage and large coolers in the front. Tell him BajaBOSS sent you.

Another great escape from the heat is the Clam Shack (Vista Almejas)located on the highway between Loreto Bay and Pt. Escondido. It is rustic, with plastic furniture in the sand, but the naturales almejas (raw clams) are a sweet treat if you are not skimish that they are still moving when you squeeze lime juice on them! Brycen and Jared from Calgary were bold enough to try them ... are you?

Boys will be boys, and being in Loreto we can step outside the box just for a while. Live in the moment and be a little crazy. Never be too old to play!

During difficult times, communities come together. With so few people in residence in Loreto Bay, I find we stop more often to talk to neighbors that we ordinarily don't see or are too busy. Today my neighbor of the last 3 years called and asked to borrow an onion. I laughed and said that was perfect because I needed 1/2 cup of milk for a receipe tonight and didn't want to face my dry sauna car and drive to town.

The Community Pool is becoming a natural gathering place in the late afternoon. People are happy and chatting, and there is always a blender close by. It is the place to find your neighbors and future friends.

Things have settled down a lot in Loreto Bay. All LBC employees were paid their legal severance packages, and there is no longer the desparation of a few weeks ago. Many people have left the area for good; some have taken vacations; and some are investng their money to start new companies. People are working and staying busy, and have adjusted their expectations. All good.

I have had many inquiries regarding my private website for information on Loreto Bay. If you would like to view the same for a two months with no obligation, just send me a email to with a note, and I will add you as a user. This is particularly good for AV and custom owners with no finished product and no one on the ground to turn to. Do you really want to trust the same management that put you in this predictment?

Call me at 602 628 2820 or email me at

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