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A Week of Parties in Loreto

There was much camaraderie as home owners gathered together at the INN for December 24th Margarita Party hosted by Miquel, the General Manager. There were about 40 or more people mingling and meeting, and then continuing on to have Christmas Eve dinner with their new friends.

Here is Stuart Allen (FN18) at the Bar, Linda and Geoff Ford (FN43) who were married in Loreto last Christmas, Ian Simister (FN163), and Jennifer Rix (FN154). It is a small world when people get talking and realize that they worked together 10 or 15 years ago and have now reconnected.

This is Pamela Rasmussen (FN372) on the left, with Ian and Barbara White-Thomson (FN280) with their daughter and son-in-law, Capri and Bruce. This was the first time in Loreto for Capri and Bruce, and they were thoroughly Loreto-ized!

Brigitte and Frederik (FN112) are celebrating with their daughter and friend. Brigitte and Frederik have been here a few times recently and now are in their home, so w…
Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays - Goodwill To All

This is a Week of Firsts. Delta Airlines’ first inaugural flight from LAX to Loreto was Monday, December 18. It was 3 hours late and had less than 20 people on board. Not a lot of fanfare, but they need time to get used to this route. Delta is offering $139 USD one way fares from LAX to Loreto until April 30, 2007, but you must book by December 25.

Not to be outdone ... Alaska Airlines is offering $99 USD one way fares from LAX to Loreto as well. Tickets must be booked by January 22. Also check rules for black out dates. What a deal!! It costs me more to fly from La Paz to Loreto.

My friend Bob Johnston of FN41 was on the Delta flight and was also the first guest in our newly renovated Cabana Rooms. Bob said the beds were comfortable and the rooms very nice. Bob enjoyed the breakfast at Santa Lucia Restaurant and appreciated the wireless internet so he could stay connected.

Bob was intending to move into his Loreto Bay h…
Feliz Navidad – Good Gifts of Karma

This week was full of highs and lows. These are pictures of my workers who surprised me at the last moment to ensure I opened my hotel as scheduled. What a wonderful early Christmas present.

All week I was spinning my wheels having to focus completely on Immigration, Hacienda (IRS), Foreign Investment Registry, Banks, Notario Publicos, ensuring that I was in full compliance with regulations and laws. Spending 3 days in La Paz without a translator taught me a lot about how the system works. Coming back to the office in Loreto on Friday, I realized there was no way I would be ready for the holdiay season. I was completely exhausted and too tired to get my workers motivated.

Saturday morning I stayed in bed all morning which was a first since I started this endeavor. I would wake up every hour from 7 am and the bed was holding me as though it were a magnet. Did not have the energy or inclination to get up and live another groundhog day since no …
Where In The World Am I???

Life is a dance. Some days are a slow dance, while other days are a salsa. This week I have been doing the flamenco nonstop. All the days are melding together and I can not remember sleeping or eating. In the same way that we do not think about breathing … I do not think about all the things that I need to do to stay alive … we Just Do It!

I have my personal belongings in 4 locations and honestly do not know where I live? And this is only in Loreto … let’s not talk about Phoenix and Victoria. I have a room at my hotel for convenience since I am here from 8 am to midnight each day. Although this sounds like a good idea, it makes sleeping an extension of work. My partners have arrived in Lot 62 and are enjoying use of our new home. I arranged to share Lot 333 with friends for the next year so that I have a place to go when my partners are in Lot 62. However, Lot 333 is unfurnished and the thought of setting up and “camping” again is more than I ca…
Nellie’s Bar Opens on Schedule

After an intense 3 weeks, we opened our bar on schedule December 1st. The endless details of municipal and federal permitting, together with the construction logistics and trying to find simple materials and supplies were an uphill battle. I am very fortunate to have the very best team, including a painter who worked all night and electricians who did all they were asked, even though they did not understand why everything was a priority all at once. Time is money is NOT a concept readily understood here, nor is good marketing and promotions.

Everything has a domino effect and since I have been waiting for over 2 months for my official Mexican corporation papers, including tax number, I was delayed in changing my FM3 to even operate this business. There were liquor licenses to get, agreements with Corona and Coke Cola, varying municipal permits, and of course trying to hire competent hardworking staff.
All week long my workers and team said “Don’t W…