A Week of Parties in Loreto

There was much camaraderie as home owners gathered together at the INN for December 24th Margarita Party hosted by Miquel, the General Manager. There were about 40 or more people mingling and meeting, and then continuing on to have Christmas Eve dinner with their new friends.

Here is Stuart Allen (FN18) at the Bar, Linda and Geoff Ford (FN43) who were married in Loreto last Christmas, Ian Simister (FN163), and Jennifer Rix (FN154). It is a small world when people get talking and realize that they worked together 10 or 15 years ago and have now reconnected.

This is Pamela Rasmussen (FN372) on the left, with Ian and Barbara White-Thomson (FN280) with their daughter and son-in-law, Capri and Bruce. This was the first time in Loreto for Capri and Bruce, and they were thoroughly Loreto-ized!

Brigitte and Frederik (FN112) are celebrating with their daughter and friend. Brigitte and Frederik have been here a few times recently and now are in their home, so we hope to see them regularly in the neighborhood.

I was lucky to join Brian and Denny of FN332 with their entire family clan for dinner. It was a very fun time, even though I had a glass of wine thrown in my face. It happened so fast, I was not sure what I had done! The story is that a waiter knocked it over, but I have my suspicions of the intent with this wild bunch!

Later, I joined FN332’s family gift opening which was a hoot. This is the ritual of choosing a gift, or stealing someone else’s. Sitting by the fireplace filled with candles, I smelled something burning… oops it was me! Not much damage but it was a sight to see as I was dancing around asking if I was on fire when people thought they smelled burning hair!

Nellie’s Bar is also a great meeting place during the holidays. This is Terry and Gene Esquivel, who are related to Loreto Bay Homeowners. They stayed at Nellie’s Place Hotel for two days and were a lot of fun to hang out with.

My guests are all so easy going even among the renovation still going on. Ron and Vicki Rucshner (FN369) called me from Phoenix spur of the moment on Dec. 28, asking if I had rooms available. If so, they would book on the next flight and come down for a week. Great People and preferred to be in town while they checked on their home construction in Nopolo. They are standing next to the heater with my Bar Manager, Yaser. Seated are Russ and Cindy Demers (FN323) with their daughters and of course me.

Many people were having impromptu parties and gatherings for their new neighbors. Some homes were very festive, and I enjoyed visiting Lynn and Sharon (FN325) as they had all their ornaments out celebrating their first Christmas in Loreto.

Wilf and Chie (FN40) had a Christmas Day party and it was special to visit with all the original purchasers of November 2003, who are now staying in their homes. We waited a long time to get here, and it is pretty much what we had hoped. It was an unexpected surprise that Chie made my favorite Japanese sushi rice … beats bread stuffing in my books any day!

Boyd and Camille Kelly (FN22) were endlessly entertaining and made a complete Christmas turkey dinner for many people without much family here. Everything was elegant and delicious, and the wine plentiful. From the left, we have Roy and Bobbi Barr (FN42) with their daughter, Camille and Boyd, Janine and Dan Murphy (Ecoscapes) and John Newton (FN46).

The sun was shinning and many people were playing on the beach and near the pool on Christmas day. The wind has now started and it is cold near the water. It is still bright and sunny, so no complaints here. Tonight we have our New Year’s Eve Party, which we will move into the office to stay warm if the wind doesn’t let up. Don’t know how many will attend, but we will have a lot of fun regardless!

Happy New Year to all my friends! Wherever you are tonight, we will be toasting you in Loreto.


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