Feliz Navidad – Good Gifts of Karma

This week was full of highs and lows. These are pictures of my workers who surprised me at the last moment to ensure I opened my hotel as scheduled. What a wonderful early Christmas present.

All week I was spinning my wheels having to focus completely on Immigration, Hacienda (IRS), Foreign Investment Registry, Banks, Notario Publicos, ensuring that I was in full compliance with regulations and laws. Spending 3 days in La Paz without a translator taught me a lot about how the system works. Coming back to the office in Loreto on Friday, I realized there was no way I would be ready for the holdiay season. I was completely exhausted and too tired to get my workers motivated.

Saturday morning I stayed in bed all morning which was a first since I started this endeavor. I would wake up every hour from 7 am and the bed was holding me as though it were a magnet. Did not have the energy or inclination to get up and live another groundhog day since no one would be in the office today.

Then my Office Manager, Jeanny called me at 11:30 am and said “where are you? … everyone is here waiting and needs you”. I looked around the room for candid cameras and had to ask what day it was?? Dragging myself to the office 30 minutes later, I find Jeanny and Juanpablo, my accountant, dealing with the painters, electricians, iron workers, plumbers, even my long lost sign guy showed up.

Felicita, my Rooms Manager was making hotel reservations as people were walking off the street. Meanwhile she was furiously trying to set up the rooms among the 15 plus workers. It was a beautiful sight and I appreciated their gift of energy.

Many home owners are arriving each day. Nellie’s Place Tapas Bar will have the following events:

Thursday, Dec. 21Taste the wines of Mexico, Argentina & Chile
We are bringing in an assortment of very reasonable wines and will be serving complimentary fruit and cheeses. Prices range from 40 to 80 pesos per glass.

Saturday, Dec. 23 – Special Margarita Night
Our margaritas may well be the best in town. We only use premium liquors. Come and sample the different flavors featured such as mango, peach and Yaser’s surprise!

New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31 – 8 pm to 2 am
Join us New Year’s Eve to celebrate a great new year among friends.
Complimentary tapas, first drink free & midnight champaign.
$20 USD or 200 pesos per person

Reserve your space today!
Email: reservations@bajaboss.com or phone 135 0309

Taxi rates are a bone of contention with many of the visitors staying in Nopolo. If you reserve early, we can arrange shared taxi rides at specific pick up times to ensure your safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve.

Baja BOSS now has now hired our 7th employee. Yolanda is a wonderful woman who will be making the tapas for Nellie’s Place. By popular demand and in an effort to help out my friends, Baja BOSS will be providing cleaning and catering services for the next 4 weeks. Rates will be $8 USD per hour, with 2 hour minimum. Call me at the office at 613 135 0310 or email reservations@bajaboss.com for more info.

Nellie’s Place Bed & Breakfast OPENS ON SCHEDULE!!! Our new rooms are now ready and our first guests arrive on the first Delta flight December 18, 2006. My web designer is also on holidays so I will not be able to update the website until January. Here are photos and rates. All prices include wireless internet and full breakfast at Santa Lucia. Please pass on the word to our virtual Loreto Community!

This is a standard room with double bed and private bath. Single rate is $50 USD per night or $60 USD for two people. We have three of these rooms. They are clean and comfortable, and breakfast is delicious.

We have four cabaña rooms which are my favorite. These have been totally renovated with new toilets, sinks, bathroom fixtures and lights. The saltillo floors have been sealed, new plaster on the walls, paint and new beds and linens. These rooms have 500 thread count sheets, lots of pillows and rustic Mexican décor. The rate is $75 USD for single, $90 USD for a double. Including full breakfast and wireless internet!

My VIP suite should be finished in the next week or so and I am very excited to showcase that once it is finished. It is completely new and has a private second floor waterfront balcony and beautiful furnishings. Here's the view! It will be $160.00 USD per night.

This is the garden area for my guests. I will be adding lounge chairs, large pots of flowers and plants. We want to achieve a quiet feeling of oasis to relax before joining the fun and openness of Nellie’s Bar later at night.

My rooms are very reasonably priced and as long as they are full, I will keep the rates the same for as long as possible. Our mandate at BajaBoss is to exceed your expectations for friendly, reliable service with exceptional value. I look forward to seeing all my new Baja friends at Nellie’s Place in the upcoming weeks and months.


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