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Happy Thanksgiving in Loreto

I want to thank Jane Lurie for being my guest blogger last week. It is interesting to hear other’s prospective and adventures in Baja and I welcome everyone that would like to share a story to submit it to me with photos. I would like to have a guest blogger every 4 to 6 weeks to keep things fresh. Tell us about your favorite get away, shops, drive down the Baja, or general tips about living in Loreto.

It was so relaxing not having any work responsibilities and getting away from Loreto for a while. Bob Pendock and I made good use of our time in the Boardroom at LAX, while we sat back and enjoyed leather couches, carpets and decent wines in a totally dust free zone. Such simple pleasures! We met Pat and Carole from Portland Oregon, who had just purchased a home downtown Loreto. When I introduced myself, they already knew of me and it was as if we were good friends already. Loreto is such a great place!

There were many homeowners in town this week, …
Have you ever thought of sharing your Loreto experiences?
Be A Guest Blogger at Nellie's!

Where in the World is Nellie this week? She is taking some personal, family time away from the energy vortex that is her life in Loreto and away from her computer. So this week I am your guest blogger. My name is Jane Lurie. I am from Oakland, California. My partner, Sharon, and I are homeowners in the Founder's neighborhood at Loreto Bay.

Last month, 2 1/2 years after walking around a stretch of sand, which was divided up into lots by some string, and deciding to buy into the dream of Loreto Bay, we took possession of a beautiful home.

Nellie asked me to write about accepting our home and arranging to have our furniture trucked down to Loreto. I got to thinking about the whole experience of buying the lot, the extended period of construction, the logistics of getting the required paperwork to be able to move our furniture...and all I could think of was spiritual practice and meditation. F…
Happy Birthday to Me!

This week we saw many more people arriving to stay in Loreto for longer periods of time, and that is always welcome by the local businesses, including ours! It is my birthday today and like any other sole proprietor; I am taking a few minutes out to catch up on my work, like writing the blog.

My friend and partner in Velero Del Mar, the Yacht Membership Club, Josh Swift was in town. He gave me this card and I was thrilled. This is the first card I have received in a year!! There is another business for someone. There is no stationery, card, or new book store in town! I thought the Crisis Clinic on fire falling off the cliff was particularly appropriate of my life, and yet another birthday.

My staff celebrated by getting cake with enough candles to burn down the building, and my Accountant Juanpablo had the extinguisher ready just in case I went up in flames unexpectedly. Personally, I wonder what he knows about my tax situation that I don’t know to expla…
Here are photos from this week, Halloween and Del Barracho’s 1st Anniversary Party. Enjoy!

This week my body finally gave up and screamed with fever and pain. Too much stress, work, entertaining, multi tasking, visitors, dancing and tequila! Too much excessive Mexican vacation mentality combined with big city work ethic. Add to this all the normal reflections and emotional awakening of another mid life birthday coming up, and it was too much for me on all levels.

So I did what I normally do and went to the Farmacia to self medicate with as much of different drugs that I know have worked in the past. To relieve the pain and fever, to help sleep, antibiotics and various other remedies that promise better health. Take a different concoction ever 2 hours when I am conscious and crawl back into bed. This lasted 4 days, and then my friend Brenda dragged me to see the doctor to get a vitamin shot.

I have never been to a doctor in Loreto. We stopped first at the Clinic where the…