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Where in the World is Nellie this week? She is taking some personal, family time away from the energy vortex that is her life in Loreto and away from her computer. So this week I am your guest blogger. My name is Jane Lurie. I am from Oakland, California. My partner, Sharon, and I are homeowners in the Founder's neighborhood at Loreto Bay.

Last month, 2 1/2 years after walking around a stretch of sand, which was divided up into lots by some string, and deciding to buy into the dream of Loreto Bay, we took possession of a beautiful home.

Nellie asked me to write about accepting our home and arranging to have our furniture trucked down to Loreto. I got to thinking about the whole experience of buying the lot, the extended period of construction, the logistics of getting the required paperwork to be able to move our furniture...and all I could think of was spiritual practice and meditation. For me the goal of a spiritual practice is to develop an inner calm, steadiness. No matter what is happening in the world around you, you are able to tap in to that inner calm and not be affected by life's challenges. The work you do to get to that state is called sadhana. Well, the whole process that we have been through these past 2 1/2 years, with its great highs and lows, has been a form of sadhana. Here's the lesson that we've learned...when we look back on all the moments of panic, worry, depression...and we see the beautiful home that we've just accepted, we see what a waste of energy any time spent in negativity was...everything went much more smoothly during the times when we communicated clearly, kept the faith and stayed cheerful and hopeful. And when we were in that state we felt very connected to our original dream for our Casa de Suenos and to the goals of our spiritual path.

We are very lucky that our friends and Loreto Bay neighbors, Anne Fletcher and Tony Perez met a man who has moved many truckloads of furniture to Mexico, and especially to Cabo and La Paz. Our furniture ended up sharing space in the same truck as theirs. Jesus and his helper did a wonderful job of packing our "stuff" into his truck, so that it all looked safe and secure. Anne and Tony should already have their furniture by the time you are reading this blog. The actual packing was the easiest part of the process. My advice to anyone who needs to get an FM3 and/or a menaje de casa (a list of the furniture you want to take across the border)...do not wait until the last minute, allow plenty of time for the whole process. Have a meditation or contemplation or prayer practice already established. Build muscles on your sense of humor.

We belong to a wonderful, very active group of Loreto Bay homeowners in the San Francisco Bay area. Here is a report from our last gathering by Pat Reardon, one of the founding members of the group:

"The San Francisco Bay Area Loreto Bay Owners group met on Saturday November 10th at the Mexquite Grill in Redwood City, California. The group was 27 strong and we had a great time. Jane and Sharon honored us by popping in for a few minutes to say hi in between packing for their movers. Their moving truck was arriving that afternoon to transport their furnishings to Loreto. We missed Anne and Tony who were already on their way to Loreto to take possession of their Casa.

It was also great to meet our Nopolo neighbors Emmanuel and Jannele from Casa Brazil who will be our neighbors in Agua Viva. Barry and I will be close enough to run across the street in case we need to borrow a cup of Tequila!

Many of us will be at the homeowner’s weekend in late November. We hope that our next meeting will be sometime in the early spring at Kaz and Sandi’s winery in the Napa Valley."

Here are photos of some members of our growing group, at the Sausalito Yacht Club and at Mita's restaurant in Loreto. For any Loreto neighbors living in the San Franscisco Bay area that would like to join our group, please contact loretobay@logtown.com

Well it's been a pleasure visiting with you all. I am going to end with a photo of us in the courtyard of our new Bohemia with Laina, our account manager, to whom we will be forever grateful for her support this past year. This has been an incredible journey and we know that it's actually just beginning.

Nellie will be back next week. See you in Loreto!


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