Happy Birthday to Me!

This week we saw many more people arriving to stay in Loreto for longer periods of time, and that is always welcome by the local businesses, including ours! It is my birthday today and like any other sole proprietor; I am taking a few minutes out to catch up on my work, like writing the blog.

My friend and partner in Velero Del Mar, the Yacht Membership Club, Josh Swift was in town. He gave me this card and I was thrilled. This is the first card I have received in a year!! There is another business for someone. There is no stationery, card, or new book store in town! I thought the Crisis Clinic on fire falling off the cliff was particularly appropriate of my life, and yet another birthday.

My staff celebrated by getting cake with enough candles to burn down the building, and my Accountant Juanpablo had the extinguisher ready just in case I went up in flames unexpectedly. Personally, I wonder what he knows about my tax situation that I don’t know to explain why his mind is so deviated?

The staff were very happy and had presents and songs for me. They at least had enough respect and good graces not to shove my face into the cake as is the tradition here. My friend Tom Woodard, who has an office in my building also came to join the party and make fun of how old I was.

I had a great day! It started out with a boat cruise with my friends Alan Axelrod and Mike Bartlett. Alan has just completed the Best Loreto Guide Book which is very comprehensive and focuses specifically on Loreto. It is a wonderful source of information and you can order online at www.bestguideloreto.com We will also have some for sale in our offices for $24.95 next time you drop by.

Then it was off to La Picazon for an open outdoors party. My friends from Loreto Bay were there in full force. Even though many of them now live here full time, or at least several months, they haven’t quite got the grasp of Loreto time yet. When we have a party at 2 pm, they actually arrive on time! They had a good time poking fun at me, as I was the ultimate BOSS and ordering people to take photos and get plates for the cake. My excuse is that I have been here longer than they have, and although I am on Loreto time… I am not on Loreto speed!

My downtown and Punta Nopolo friends came too. They bought a bottle of tequila and there were shot glasses all around. The delicious Kailua cake came from Santa Lucia Bakery next door to my office and was a “party in your mouth”. What was particularly tantalizing was that there was Kailua in the cake AND in the icing. It was yummy and beautiful too.

Also were many friends who have lived in Loreto for many years. Many have just arrived for the fall and look forward to much camaraderie and good times ahead. It is a very small town. One of the other realtors said to her boss that she drove by and Dorado Properties was closed. He replied that it was because it was my birthday. Makes perfect sense that it is as natural as another Mexican holiday!

My friends Alex and Liesje from British Columbia also joined us. They own and operate the Glacier House Resort in Revelstoke, BC, which is a 4 start mountain retreat. To get away and play in the snow, check out their website at www.glacierhouse.com They love what they are doing, but also dream of living la vida la loco in Loreto soon.

It would not be a complete birthday without my own cucaracha and my bartender Sergio was making sure that I did not get away without getting all fired up. I watched as he poured tequila, Kailua, and brandy into a shot glass and then lit it on fire. I drank it in one gulp through a straw while the fire was still burning. Now, I know I was on fire!

This was a great day among friends. Life is good. Thank you to all that have sent their good wishes, emails, and calls. I look forward to celebrating many more fun times with all of you. See you in Loreto!


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