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A Week of Extremes from Cabo, La Paz, San Juanico, Loreto, Mexico

Last week I hosted the First Ladies of Founders pot luck party. It has been over four years since the first 52 buyers put their dot on the board and committed to paying an average of $350,000 USD for lines in the sand. These were mostly Canadians who were looking at 60 cent dollars at the time, and knowing that we were buying into the dream and vision, with a lot of risk involved. We hung in there, through much adversity, anxiety, frustration, and now are slowing moving in, one by one, to complete the original Cluster 1 in Founders Neighborhood. I think it would be great to have a five year reunion of the first pioneers in November 2008, so if you were part of the early groups, please join us November 15, 2008 and I guarantee … it will be a party!!

Many of the initial group are now living in Loreto several months a year, even though the neighborhood is still more of a construction zone than some of the later cluster…
1000 Visitors to Loreto for Sea Turtle Conference

This has been a hectic week with long hours chained to my desk, but feeling productive and a renewed energy emerging among my staff. I hosted a Ladies Pot Luck party at my home but will have to give you details next week when I can get the photos uploaded. Also in town were many of the San Francisco homeowners, John & Felicia, Del & Nancy, Joe & Miki, Chuck & Marsha, and their friends. We all had dinner at Mita Gourmet and it was a lot of fun.

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have launched a major fare sale with one-way fares starting at $49 for flights between West Coast destinations and $99 for Mexico flights. "Spring on These Deals" sale fares are available at and or by calling (800) ALASKAAIR. Customers must purchase tickets by Jan. 31, 2008, and travel by May 8, 2008. $99 between Seattle and Los Angeles. One-way fares to Mexico start as low as $99 between Los Angeles and L…
Del Borracho and The Road to San Javier, Loreto, Mexico

Would you like your home video to be shown on Fox Sports Network? My friend Ronnie Kovach has asked me to solicit video clips of marine life in this area for his upcoming series showcasing Loreto, BCS, Mexico. They need good video footage of fishing and/or marine life this week to add to their film. If you have some good footage readily available, please email me at and I will put you in touch with Ronnie’s film editor. Check out Ronnie’s show “Fishing Ventures” at

DORADO PROPERTIES LORETO is proud to announce our newest listing of Del Borracho Restaurant and Bar. Mike and Cholie have made Del Borracho a local institution and landmark in the area. It is truly the great equalizer where you have Mexican professionals and construction workers, long time ex-patriarch community, tourists, and the new emerging group of professionals and homeowners involved with the newest land develo…
Happy New Year from Loreto, Mexico!

To end 2007, Greg and Carmen of FN58, Mike and Carol of FN151, and Carver and Marian of FN62, and I all played Bocci Ball on our new courtyard by the 9th Green. It was Guys versus Girls and quite a heated competition. Nothing like a little friendly sports to see people’s true colors. Of course, I was playing in my fur lined parka, high heels, and beer in hand … every handicap I could claim for my bad aim! Carmen is always a class act as she brought out Champaign and glasses for us to toast the New Year in style!

The wind finally stopped on January 4 when most people have left town. The last few days have been perfectly warm, bright and sunny in Loreto. This must be heaven on earth and I must have done something good at sometime to deserve such a life. There is NOTHING better than being out on the water with good friends on these beautiful mornings.

We went out with Jeff and Maria of FN556 and their kids Mitch and Ashley. Jeff and Mitch had…