Del Borracho and The Road to San Javier, Loreto, Mexico

Would you like your home video to be shown on Fox Sports Network? My friend Ronnie Kovach has asked me to solicit video clips of marine life in this area for his upcoming series showcasing Loreto, BCS, Mexico. They need good video footage of fishing and/or marine life this week to add to their film. If you have some good footage readily available, please email me at and I will put you in touch with Ronnie’s film editor. Check out Ronnie’s show “Fishing Ventures” at

DORADO PROPERTIES LORETO is proud to announce our newest listing of Del Borracho Restaurant and Bar. Mike and Cholie have made Del Borracho a local institution and landmark in the area. It is truly the great equalizer where you have Mexican professionals and construction workers, long time ex-patriarch community, tourists, and the new emerging group of professionals and homeowners involved with the newest land developments in the area all wanting to flock to this place for a little dose of the true adventure spirit of the Wild Wild West.

“Mavericks” are easily bored and need to be given constant challenges to ensure that they are as productive and engaged as they could be. They tend to come up with innovative solutions and their way of working does not fit the established corporate norms.

This describes Mike of Del Borracho. Mike has been an adventurer, thrill seeker, and maverick his whole life. After many years of traveling half way around the world on motorcycles and large boats, he and Cholie settled in Loreto more than 7 years ago. They fell in love with this place and decided to do something special here. Both can be proud to be among the original pioneers of the change from a sleepy fishing village to world tourism destination, which is not that far away.

Mike and Cholie are big supporters of the local community and purchased all the wood that the Saloon Restaurant, their home, and guest casa are made from a local supplier. Mike built all the buildings himself with local help. They work 5 days a week (Wednesday to Sunday) from sunrise to sunset preparing delicious meals at affordable prices and offer exceptional value. Cholie is forever in the kitchen and Mike is always working around the place, behind the bar, or clearing tables and making everyone feel right at home. It is truly a place where “everyone knows your name” and all are welcome, including families, visitors, regulars, and just plain hungry people. Make sure you keep enjoying this wonderful place for years to come!

Their hard work has paid off into a very good solid business that continues to increase and grow each month. Their staff is friendly, the service is fairly fast given the long lineups, and the food always mouth watering and hot. Along with the land, buildings, and inventory, are the secret recipes, business name and goodwill. We can provide a lot more business information to serious buyers who want to purchase a ready made institution and expand to create something unique in the middle of town. Please contact for more info, or call her at 613 135 0310.

A rolling stone gathers no moss, and it is time for Mike and Cholie to move on to new adventures in another unchartered territory. They are not sure where or what this is, but are excited to start the next chapter of their life adventure. Loreto will miss their contribution, role model, support and participation in the community, but we are so thankful to have shared the journey for as long as we have. There is no rush or hurry in selling the property, but as we all know … sometimes to make things happen … you just need the Power of Intention and I am “putting this out there”.

Another one of my local dinner spots is 1697 Restaurant with Kieran and Norma. I love their thin crust pizza which they offer with many different topping options. They have a decent wine selection and it is my favorite place to share a pizza and salad, sip good wine in a nice atmosphere by candle light. Kieran is an Irishman, Norma is Mexican, and they met in Hong Kong with their big executive jobs and now run a restaurant in Loreto. How romantic! 1697 is located near the town square next to Mita Gourmet Restaurant. You can ask anyone about 1492, 1712, or 1346 and everyone will know what you are talking about! But for those in the know, 1697 was the date of the Mission.

Mediterraneo Restaurant is beginning an "Early Bird" dinner service special. It will be only Mondays thru Fridays from 5 pm to 6 pm. It will be a fixed price menu of 6 of their best sellers including bread basket, soup or salad choice, entree choice, desert choice and a glass of red or white house wine. The rule of thumb is that it will be a 40% discount during the 5 to 6 early bird special. Prices for the complete meal range from $190 to $290 pesos. If you have not been there lately, give them a try.

For those taking a ride to San Javier, please note that the main road past Del Borracho is closed as they are working on paving and expanding the new section of road. Take the River Bed under the new bridge and it will connect to the road to San Javier. Take your time to enjoy the goats, vegetation and spectacular rock formations.

I took the trip again this weekend and it was beautifully green and more water than last week, even though I do not remember it raining. Take your time to explore off the already beaten path and discover amazing waterfalls and places of such tranquility that you wonder if you are the only person that gets to enjoy this natural creation before Mother Nature changes it again. Notice how small I am in the middle of the waterfall, and wonder how I got there?!

Dorado Properties Loreto has several listings of large parcels of land in this area, where you can own thousands of hectares (1 ha = 100,000 sq. ft) for the price of a very nice mobile home. Park your car, walk around the town and look up into the mountains and imagine what could be with a little imagination, a lot of money, and great ideas.

Have a wonderful week!


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