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Dorado, Dorado, Dorado!

This week on Fishing Ventures, Ronnie Kovach is fishing out of Loreto, Mexico for the Annual Loreto DORADO Tournament. Loreto is considered by many to be the Dorado capital of the world. And it is! But there is a lot more to this quaint, colonial town on the Sea of Cortez.

This week’s episode of Fishing Ventures is entitled “Dorado! Dorado! Dorado!.” And you don’t want to miss it. Angler educator, Ronnie Kovach, and friends team up to catch an abundance of huge Sailfish and Dorado!. Awesome fishing and a very exciting episode of Fishing Ventures.

It will air Sunday, November 23 at 9:30 A.M. and Tuesday, November 25 at 2:30 P.M. PST on FOX Sports West.

Don’t miss this exciting episode of Fishing Ventures on FSN West.

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Local News on Loreto, Mexico

Perhaps I miss my creative outlet, or perhaps I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends that will be traveling next week. It is nice to have the blog to drop in and say hello when I get a thoughtful moment.

The last year has taken its toll on me living la vida loca; however, in my humble opinion I feel that we have hit bottom … or at least close to it. The global economic crisis has had its major affect on tourism, fishing, restaurants, bars, real estate and all businesses that boom from the domino affect of a thriving destination. There have been many layoffs and sad goodbyes to Mexicans and Americans that came to pioneer this Baja frontier.

Real Estate has not been this low since 2005 and list prices have dropped 25% or more with motivated sellers. Since most land owners in Loreto are mortgage free and there is little credit, I do not foresee things going down much more. This means that the next several months will be a premier buyer…