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Perhaps I miss my creative outlet, or perhaps I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends that will be traveling next week. It is nice to have the blog to drop in and say hello when I get a thoughtful moment.

The last year has taken its toll on me living la vida loca; however, in my humble opinion I feel that we have hit bottom … or at least close to it. The global economic crisis has had its major affect on tourism, fishing, restaurants, bars, real estate and all businesses that boom from the domino affect of a thriving destination. There have been many layoffs and sad goodbyes to Mexicans and Americans that came to pioneer this Baja frontier.

Real Estate has not been this low since 2005 and list prices have dropped 25% or more with motivated sellers. Since most land owners in Loreto are mortgage free and there is little credit, I do not foresee things going down much more. This means that the next several months will be a premier buyers market, as we only need a little boast in this small town to see things stabilize and correct themselves. Poco y poco, the road to economic viability may be a few years, but step by step, little by little, we will see it happen.

There is a buzz around Loreto as more snowbirds return for the winter. People are reacquainting themselves with new neighbors and local businesses. They are here for several months and looking for ways to become involved and create community.

I have been approached by Mrs. Yuan Yee, wife of the Presidente of Loreto, to assist in a Christmas Toy Drive for the children of this area. She called to ask for my assistance in this worthy cause to help the many families and single parents of our community. So here I am, writing again to ask not for cash donation, but for volunteers in coordinating this effort which would involve putting out the word, gathering gifts, to wrap and distribute the same. There is little selection of toys in Loreto, and the costs are expensive compared to the USA. I am asking anyone interested in helping to please pack a gift or two in the approximate amount of $20 each to donate for this Toy Drive. The children range in age from babies to teenagers, so anything would be appropriate from coloring books, simple games, barbies, bubble machines, dvds, etc. Remember the children do not know English and will think of everything as novel and much appreciated. Cash is okay but buying a gift will go a lot farther for the children.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send me an email and I will coordinate a small committee that will work with Mrs. Yuan Yee, to assist in the collection and distribution of the gifts. I am in Loreto Bay every morning Monday to Saturday at FN314 doing an Open House and gifts can be dropped off there.

It is nice to write again but alas, I can not detour from my obligations in Loreto to do so on a regular basis. However, the good news is my friend, Drew, who was one of the original visitors to Loreto Bay with me exactly five years ago, has started a blog about his life and experiences Living Loreto. I encourage you to visit his blog to feel part of the community and spirit that we all desire and wish for. I commend his writing and commitment to this special secret place in Baja. Join him on his adventures at http://livingloreto.blogspot.com and you will not be left out in the cold.

Take care and see you in Loreto,

Miss Nellie

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