FELIZ DIA DE LAS MADRES!! Happy Mothers Day!!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Canada and I decided to take the entire day off and play by the beach at the INN of Loreto Bay. Lounging under a palapa, on the beach shore and pool, it was a day filled with nonstop laughter. Service was great as my friends that work at the Snack Shack ensured that we were never thirsty or had to wait for the killer margaritas to get warm. The temperature was 90 degrees and the day perfect. We hitched a ride on the electric Ambulance and just kept laughing all the way home.

Mothers’ Day in Mexico is always May 10 and considered a holiday for women. The celebration starts at midnight, where the custom is for 5 or 6 guys to pile into a car and go to each of their mother’s homes. Of course there is plenty of drinking and singing (or more correctly screaming) loudly from the street “Las Mananitas!!!” This is an annoying little song and after hearing it several times, it seems to go on forever. Of course each mother must wake up and come to the door or window to acknowledge this recognition of honor before the guys move onto the next house. Every residential street in downtown Loreto was filled with cars and singing until past 3 a.m. All I know is that after they finished, they headed down to the malecon, where there were police directing traffic, and it was a street party until 5 am. Since I was staying at the hotel, I felt serenaded all night long.

Although I had given all my women staff the day off, they all came in at 1 pm for a party celebration. Jeanny had made the ceviche and my favorite cream cheese log filled with smoked oysters. We had gifts for all the mothers, and celebrated together. Juanpablo is a single dad and was fully included as our host. The other men continued to work.

They ordered a beautiful Kahlua cake from Santa Lucia Bakery, which was delicious. All the staff contributed and bought me a Massage at Norma’s for my mother’s day present as they knew Carlie was not with me. They said I was working too hard and truly needed it. What a wonderful surprise and I am grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Felicitas is my Hotel Rooms Manager and the Employee of the Month for April. Our hotel averaged 80% occupancy for over 2 months and many times we turned away guests as all our rooms were full. Felicia handled all the operations with finesse and is always friendly. Juanpablo is very happy giving her a gift of dishes for Mothers’ Day.

Our team’s children are always welcome at our celebrations and seeing them so happy and content makes all we do worthwhile. Here are Pedro and Juan Carlos living large at the Bar. May is filled with days off school, starting with May 1st Labor Day. Since Mothers’ Day is May 10 and Teachers’ Day is May 15, the teachers decided not to have any school during the days in between. This causes havoc with working schedules and just part of why things seem to take longer to get done.

We have added two new employees to our Baja BOSS operations and now have ten people on staff since we opened our doors six months ago. We have Liliana and Abril joining us as Executive Assistants. Liliana was previously with Aero Mexico and Abril was with Alaska Airlines. Many of you will recognize them from the airport and we invite you to say hello the next time you drop by the office.

I want to thank all those that have pledged money towards Yolanda’s new family, and am pleased to announce that we raised $1400 USD last week. Yolanda traveled to La Paz last Monday and received all the Immigration papers necessary for her to bring back the 4 children from Guatemala. She came back to Loreto and worked for 2 days before leaving again by bus to San Jose del Cabo for her long flight to Guatemala. Yolanda called on Saturday to say she had arrived there and was safe. We are still collecting funds and are coordinating a group of people to see if we can add another room and possibly a bathroom in her small home. This will be the first Habitat for Humanity type of project and I look forward to participating.

Many of my Canadian friends were at Nellie’s Place for sushi this week. Dana the Architect for FN8, Heidi of FN219, and Carmen & Greg of FN58, as well as Deedrie and Jim, FN62, all contributed towards Yolanda’s fund. Their spontaneous generosity is heartfelt and much appreciated by all.

Jim and Deedrie are my partners in Casa Feliz, FN62, and this was Jim’s first visit to Loreto. He was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly loved it here. Deedrie and I, along with another friend Carver spontaneously bought the homesite in November 2003, and have never looked back.

Lynda Rutherford FN155 from Calgary was here with all her sisters for a girls’ week. They started at Nellie’s for margaritas and I knew they were going to have non stop laughter and fun in this magical place.

Ron and Wendy Bellerive are long time residents of Loreto and own the Loreto Storage Units located near the airport. I recently rented a very large storage unit that could fit a household of furniture, recreational equipment and they even have boat storage. It is clean, dry and secure. Feel free to contact them at Ron@LoretoStorage.net or on his cell phone at: 011 52 613 104 3630. Tell Ron that "Nellie sent you".

There are so many beautiful boats arriving in Loreto now, and my partners in Velero Del Mar, Scott Montell and Josh Swift, have decided to pull the trigger and purchase a 34’ Lures luxury fishing boat as our first offering in the Membership Program. The annual fee will be less than originally anticipated and I will be sending out information very soon. We are still only taking 15 members and already have several signed up. If you would like to receive more information, please email me at Nellie@BajaBoss.com


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