Human Whale S.O.S. Project Launches in Loreto, Mexico Uniting Thousands of Children from Baja to Alaska

My friend David Veniot, Vice President for Sustainability for Loreto Bay told me about their event on Friday May 18. Youth and celebrities launched an environmental ‘aerial art’ project involving eight coastal cities from Baja to Alaska calling attention to the mounting worldwide crisis facing whales and dolphins.

Here is the aerial photo of the human whale that was made with 1000 Loreto school children to form a giant baby Blue whale and “SOS” with their bodies. The kids attended an educational marine conservation presentation in the morning, cleaned up the arroyo and beach, and then formed the image of a blue whale with their bodies. The event was a huge success in terms of environmental education, community relations and relations with environmental organizations. It was the launch of an international campaign. The Mexican media covered the event, with both major TV networks TV Azteca and TelaVisa airing the video footage. John Quigley is the aerial artist. You can check out his other work at

Nearly 10,000 children will participate as the Human Whale S.O.S. Project moves north to San Diego, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Humboldt for Ocean Day May 22. On May 24 the project reaches Victoria, BC then heads to Anchorage, Alaska May 27 for the International Whaling Commission’s 59th annual meeting where there will be renewed attempts by whaling nations to increase commercial whaling.

My partner in Dorado Properties Loreto, John Anderson arranged the helicopter that flew in the photographer. I knew John was coming to meet with me to finalize details of our opening, but had no idea that he would be making such a grand entrance on the beach near Nellie’s Place Hotel. He met the Mayor and other dignitaries as he exited the whirly bird and then excused himself as he had a very important meeting with me. I live in a surreal world!

Back to Reality. This is the donkey that normally pulls a little covered wagon around town for sightseeing tours along the streets of Loreto. I missed the photo opportunity as it paraded past Nellie’s Place this week, however you will see it around town decorated with flowers and trotting happily along. I guess in this photo, the donkey it hitching a ride back to its place after a hard day’s work.

This is Wendy Rains, who is a regular hotel guest and a frequent sushi customer. Wendy lives in Todo Santos and specializes in Residential and Commercial Interior Design and Construction. She designed Casa Julieta of the Costa Loreto project. Check out the website of this beautiful woman at We are kindred spirits as we both write about Living Vida La Loca in the Wild Wild West. She is in her third year of writing a monthly column for El Calendario in Todo Santos – Encounters of an Underground Milk Maid. Wendy interviews local characters who were raised and have lived their entire lives in Todo Santos. I can not wait for the book!

Felipe Silvaortega is one of my good friends and the publisher of the local Loreto News tabloid. These are local Loretanos with big dreams for free enterprise and keeping the needs of the community in the forefront of the incredible change and growth that is yet to come. Felipe is like so many others that love Loreto and recognizes the difference that one voice can make if it is made in the right tone in the right venue. My bartender Sergio tipped this bottle especially for Felipe’s night at Nellie’s.

It was another Loreto Bay Sales Weekend, which I heard was successful. It was great to see many friends at Nellie’s Place as they all came to try the sushi, which is now the talk of the town. Paul Poer and Don Weintraub are experts in the Hospitality Industry, and they both gave the sushi and ambiance of Nellie’s Place the “2 Thumbs Up” approval.

Baja BOSS is growing in leaps and bounds. We are pleased to announce that Liliana Telechea has joined us as our Office Manager. We are thrilled to have Liliana’s bubbly personality and organizational skills as our business grows daily. Many will know Liliana from Aero Mexico in Loreto, and she looks forward to again working with her friend Juanpablo, our Accountant Publico.

Also joining us from Alaska Airlines is Abril Higuera Cota, as an Executive Assistant. Abril has a full time project already and her outgoing marketing personality will be a huge compliment to our expanding Baja BOSS team. Please say hello to Abril and Liliana the next time you pass our offices on the malecon.

Money is rolling in slowly for Yolanda, and she is still in Guatemala. There are a few local companies, such as the Marbella (old Whales Inn) and Bayside Mechanical that have donated money for supplies to build Yolanda an extra room for her two bedroom casa with one bathroom that will soon accommodate 9 people. Thank you to all that have pledged money towards airfare/bus transportation for her family to get here.

There was an incredible crescent moon last night that looked like it was kissing Venus, they were so close together in a clear lit sky. Many times I feel everything is overwhelming and it is too much responsibility. There are many moments of loneliness and feeling outside my comfort zone. It is the end of another exhausting week and I feel that my life is in triple overdrive and we are only ramping up, so there is not much rest ahead. Many of the trials and tribulations in my day to day life, I can not post on the blog. I respect the privacy of others, and although the stories are remarkable, sad, and funny at the same time, I fear that they will be misconstrued and misunderstood, or taken out of context. As the ole saying goes “you had to be there”.

Then last night I received several very nice emails from the San Francisco Home Owners group. They had lunch at the Sausalito Yacht Club on May 19 that was generously and graciously paid for by homeowners in the group that shall remain anonymous for the blog. They sent me a photo to know that I was with them in spirit. Back row is Chuck Jackson (AV 60), Jane Lurie (FN 203), Nancy Brown (FN 423), (her daughter) Kim Keith (FN 423), Barry Sardis (AV 60. Front row is Denny Gagarin (FN 332), Marsha Jackson (AV 60), Sharon Dean (FN 203), Del Brown (FN 423), Lyn & George Blinkhorn (AV 128), Pat Reardon (AV 60). And kneeling is Brian Durnian (FN 332). This small gesture of virtually being included made me smile. They also gathered up money for Yolanda and will be sending it down with the next traveler. Thank You!

I look forward to having more of my friends around me in Loreto to share the everyday life.


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