Loreto Hospital Needs Equipment!!

Rosalia Romero de Aguiar has assumed the charge of presidency, when Rodolfo Davis Osuna solicited permission to step down as the Mayor a few weeks ago. There are heated political campaigns going on in Loreto at the moment between the three political parties, PRI, PAN and PRD. The election for a new Presidencia Municipal de Loreto will be held in February 2008, with the handover to take place in May of 2008.

Baja BOSS met with Rosalia Romero de Aguiar last week to offer any assistance we could with the positive growth of Loreto. One of the major priorities for the Presidencia and her Council was that the hospital was completed, however, they were having difficulty obtaining equipment. I remember that there were many offers from medical practitioners and hospital administrators who were Loreto Bay homeowners wanting to offer assistance in the past.

If anyone has any leads on possible donations of good used hospital equipment, Baja BOSS will work with Dr. Ken Markel of Loreto Bay Company, the Municipal Government of Loreto, Customs for importation, and Immigration (for training technicians) to make this happen quickly and effectively as possible for the betterment of all of us who currently resident and plan to live in Loreto. Please contact me directly at Nellie@bajaboss.com and I will be happy to assist with the process.

In addition to the hospital requirements, we discussed better communications between the foreign residents and the Municipal Office. The Mayor and her Council acknowledged that they wanted to set up an office where foreigners were comfortable to come and offer their suggestions and concerns about living in Loreto. It is wonderful to see that they recognize the growth and foreign investment and want to be proactive about possible concerns of residents.

Loreto Bay had a very good sales weekend, with a conversion rate of over 55% of its POPs. We have another 15 or more neighbors who are excited to be part of the growing community. The feeling amongst visitors, homeowners, and staff, was very optimistic about the new management changes. This sales event was more focused on the product and project, rather than the party and celebrations. The financial success confirms that this is the right time for change. This is a photo of Posada Norte, which is finally taking shape and form.

We sponsored Del Borracho’s dragster, which is Mike’s latest and greatest Big Boy Toy. Local Loretanos are crazy about anything to do with racing, whether it is motorcycles, off road bikes, and pro-runners. The locals and foreigners that race here are treated like rock stars. There were several races this weekend and all week you could see young men doing wheelies and tricks on the motorbikes in downtown Loreto.

Rick and Mark who built and raced this dragster are friends of Mike’s and they stayed with the car all day when it was parked in front of our office. The local Speaker Car was roaming around the streets announcing the dragster in front of our building and about the race on Sunday. Cars would drive by 2 or 3 times for a better look, and some would just stop in front of the building and stare in appreciation. Many people came down with their kids to have their photos taken. Both locals and visitors stopped all day long to talk to Rick and Mark and ask questions. Many had their own experiences to share as well.

We figured that the photo of the dragster was on 75% of all the cell phones in Loreto. It was a big kick for all and we can’t wait to do it again. No matter what your opinion of racing is, it is unmistakably part of the Loreto history and culture. They did not start up the engine as the noise would be prohibitive to us doing any business, but I can’t wait to see the dragster in action one day soon. It was a great day to see so many people smile.

We can very much feel the business slow down for the holidays already. There is very little business conducted in Mexico from December 15 to January 8. For the week before and after these dates, only the absolute necessary work is done as everyone is dealing with emergencies and trying to finish things before the end of the year. This applies to the Notario Publicos, accountants, lawyers, government agencies and generally all business offices. Restaurants, retail, and some offices will be open with skeleton staff. My lawyer Liliana Carranza is off work at Baja BOSS during this time and running her lingerie shop called Tayli’s.

Tayli’s is located on the main street of Salvatierra just opposite Pescador Market before you get to the only 4 way stop light. Liliana has wonderful assortment of lingerie for all women. She is very busy this time of year and offers assistance in English to many men that are lost as to what to buy for their sweethearts. Drop by and say hello to Liliana and see what she does when she is not giving legal advice for BajaBOSS clients. You can also phone her at 135 1459 or email her at lilicarranza@hotmail.com for retail inquiries. Please respect her other life and don’t ask her any legal questions, such as whether the wife should get a sexier gift than the girlfriend!

For those preparing big feasts in their new homes during the holidays, Dali Deli offers great meats and specialty grocery items. They are located on Francisco I. Madero Street which is parallel to BajaBOSS on the malecon. Some samples items are below:

Smoked ham with bone $91.50 per kilo
Turkey $38.74 per kilo
Leg of pork $39.74 per kilo
Pork tenderloin $70.23 per kilo
Duck $52.30 per kilo
Leg of lamb $90.11 per kilo
Prime Rib Premium $164.98 per kilo
Dishwasher soap $49.29

Please confirm your order before December 15th, deliveries will be between the 18th and 22nd. They can be reached at 613 135 2477 or at daliloreto@prodigy.net.mx

Have a great week. See you in Loreto!


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