New Real Estate Company in Loreto

I am pleased to announce that I am joining John Anderson to open DORADO PROPERTIES LORETO February 2007. John has successfully owned Dorado Properties LaPaz for the last several years and brings an experienced team of professionals, systems, contracts, and knowledge of Baja real estate and all its possible pitfalls to Dorado Properties Loreto.

Having been a ReMax Realtor in my past life and buying, renovating and renting properties in Canada, USA, and now Mexico for the past 27 years, it is a natural progression that I now own my own real estate company. Real Estate is my passion as it is secure, stable and seldom changes. It is reliable, provides strong Return On Investment if selected wisely, and fairly predictable.

Writing this I think I should choose my men more like I do real estate. Rather, I tend to date the way I play the stock market. Getting caught up in the glitz and hype, possible smoke and mirrors, and illusions of instant gratification with something that generally sounds too good to be true. Obviously I, like many, lost much through the DOT.COM era, and figure it is time to grow up.

There is much happening at Loreto Bay Company as they have started dredging the estuaries in Phase II Aqua Viva, working on the golf course and subcompacting homesites across from the old Convention Center.
After 3 years, LBC has finally been allowed to paint and start fixing up the derelict building that has become a landmark eyesore. Things are looking very good in Nopolo, where Loreto Bay Company is located and we all have made an excellent investment in our future. It is surprising that so many people are not aware Loreto Bay is a development project within Nopolo. Marketing is a powerful thing.

Even the Medical Center located below FN163 is coming along nicely. After watching it being built and, then torn down and rebuilt, more times than I can keep up with, it is now becoming a reality.

It will be important to have a facility in Nopolo that can handle the many homeowners coming down to live 3 to 6 months per year. Many people like Bradley and Cathy of AV110, come to visit again even though they bought in Aqua Viva and not expected to start construction until later this year. They are shown relaxing here with my daughter Carlie and Andres who works for me.

I am surprised at how many people come every 3 or 4 months to check on their construction. Everyone says that this is invaluable to the design of their home, and they get revitalized about Living In Loreto each time. Mike and Sue FN490, were guests of Nellie's Hotel for 9 days on one of their regular visits. They are shown here with fellow neighbors Tom and Patty of FN460. They were helping me taste test our tapa samplers for our new bar menu. We open our Tapas Kitchen February 14 on Valentines Day. If you are in town, drop by and say hello.

The full moon rising over the water is unbelievably beautiful every time I see it. Difficult to capture, but worth scheduling your time at Nellie's Bar to watch it when it happens. I had to stop by the side of the road to take this photo as I could not get to the water fast enough.

In the meantime, I am excited about all the activity in Loreto, and will be focusing my blog more on the new businesses opening in town and the newest development projects underway.


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