Nellie´s VIP Hotel Suite Now Opens

This week’s theme is luxury. The most extensive renovation to our building was the VIP suite which was just 3 walls and a ceiling when I took over the building October 17. We had to build the bathroom with shower, lightening, A/C, glass wall of windows and doors for balcony, tiling, painting, furnishings and décor.

It is approximately 500 square feet, with private second floor waterfront balcony and new bathroom for $150 USD per night. This is approximately $100 less than anything comparable in Loreto, and keeps with our mandate to provide good value ensuring customer loyalty.

Our first guests were Bob and Rose Rourke of FN130, who stayed for 5 nights while they waited to accept their new Loreto Bay home. They had a wonderful time and told everyone how beautiful their room was. We were happy to have them enjoy their visit and especially our team’s hospitality.

I visited Rich and Jean Rajacich of FN105 who are here to check the progress of their construction. Their home is at plaster stage and already it is obvious that it will be amazing. They are shown here with their architectural team from the left, Steve with Loreto Bay Design, Giselli, Rich, Jean, Ken and Alma from the Custom Design Office.

They have retained Jamie to do their custom copulas, which are absolutely incredible. Each copula is unique. I am showcasing three photos here, but none are able to capture the sheer beauty of the work of art.

I am not sure how many custom homes are under construction, but I would guess that the number would be over 30, with many lining the beach. Rich and Jean expect to be in their home this summer and are very pleased with Eiffel Construction Company, who is also building Village Homes.

The house is designed to offer lots of outdoor living and bring the open spaces and views into the indoor areas. From the moment you walk in the front door you are greeted by a large courtyard and can see through the home to the ocean beyond.

The views are stunning through large picture windows. The high ceilings and numerous French doors will make this a show home like no other in Loreto. Rich and Jean were always so very positive and excited right from the beginning and every detail has been considered.

The roof deck includes built in benches for lounging and enjoying the 360 degrees of water and mountains. Even looking at all the surrounding homes under construction is a view in itself. Each way you turn there is something different and interesting to look at.

One of the main architectural firms for Loreto Bay Company is Shubin & Donaldson from California. They are providing services for many of the major amenities as well as designing custom homes in the area. Robin and Russell are great guys with a wealth of experience in Master Plan Communities. They are also home owners of FN446. Their website is for more information.

John Dodd of FN143 knows about luxury and living the good life. He is now officially retired and spending much of his time living in Loreto with his wife, Leslie. He is a good customer of Nellie’s Bar, but was critical of our lack of single malt scotch. I am in total agreement and explained that is it impossible to get very good scotch in Loreto. The most we can hope for is Johnny Walker Black or Chivas. Being a successful entrepreneur, John suggested that I put out a call for homeowners coming down to bring me bottles of their favorite spirits. This could put me in the poor house as I know what good taste our neighbors have!

Finally, Loreto Bay had another successful sales event weekend, with another 21 neighbors and over $12 Million sold. Our little community continues to grow.


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