Happy Chinese New Year!

We are excited to ring in the Year of the Fire Pig -- an event that happens only once every 600 years. This is the kind of year that brings greater opportunities for growth, expansion, prosperity and more. It is always better to be Lucky than Smart, so I am encouraging all to embrace this year and feel that it will reap many benefits and rewards based on hard work and challenging adventures. Okay, okay, I know I sound like a fortune cookie … but I can not help myself. A life time of subliminal messaging of my Chinese ancestry is now entwined with my Wild Wild West life in Loreto.

I was lucky enough to spend a day with my very good buddies and partners in Velero Del Mar Yacht Membership Program, Scott Montell and Josh Swift. We drove the 1 ½ hours out to Puerto Mateos on the west coast and were greeted by a festival of entertainment. There were many delicious food stalls with fresh fish, tortas, and souvenirs. After picking up a quick taco for the boat trip, which took 40 minutes as I am sure they had to go out and catch the fish first, we were finally on our way.

There were about 4 or 5 different boat rental places, all with good clean boats and life jackets, and the prices ranged from $15 to $20 USD per person for each hour. We were out for two hours and saw about a dozen whales, some with their babies. There were only four boats out so we were able to follow the whales and they were playing with the boat and came very close. We were not able to touch them as I am sure they were fed up with the novelty of getting close to the tourists. This was the first time in three years that we were able to take a few hours away from our hectic work schedule to see the whales and it was very humbling to be so close to these giants of nature.

There is a new paper in town called Loreto News. It is printed by a local Loreto group and will be distributed each month from Ensenada to La Paz. It is full color, in Spanish and English, and has maps of the town as well as important tourist and general information for everyone. I very much admire the entrepreneurial spirit and when these young men came to me with their idea, I decided to be their biggest advertiser by taking the entire back page for the next year. Not sure what I will be advertising yet, but no doubt that we will think of something.

We opened our Tapas Kitchen on Valentine´s Day and had a great response from people that saw our ad in the Loreto News and wanted to check it out. No one knows where Nellie´s Place is because I have been waiting on Corona for my sign for the past three months. I ordered 2 signs, one that was about 24 inches by 40 inches with a light that would hang against the balcony so you could see it driving down the road. Well, what they delivered must be 6x4 feet, double sided with light, so it is impossible to hang against the building. I was horrified, but Corona spent a lot of money and is taking full responsibility for it. Okay, let´s make lemonade out of lemons once again. We have not seen the other sign yet … so are anxiously awaiting that surprise!

I love being downtown Loreto as we get to meet so many people from all over the world. This is Karl and Cynthia from Delaware, and Ann from London, England, who were our first tapas clients. Even though the wind was blowing up a storm, they were very happy being in bright sunny skies.

Also visiting were Kathleen and Mike with their daughter Hope, and friend Marilyn, from Seattle, WA. Everyone really enjoyed the tapas and said there were very tasty and reasonably priced.

We had many local people as well as Loreto Bay Home Owners gathering at Nellie´s Place. El Nido Restaurant has changed its name to Domingo´s Restaurant, and here I am with Chuck and Marsha of AV60, and Lisa of AV908 with their friends Opal and Jules.

Tony and Anne of FN409 are guests at Nellie´s Place while they are checking on their Loreto Bay home. Unfortunately, very little has been done since they were here in November and they will be back again later this spring. The sunset from our building is spectacular and they make such a good looking couple.

Sometimes we get signals that we need to pay more attention. My 1998 Pathfinder has just clocked 150,000 miles and it has been very good to me. In the last eight months I have driven more than 14,000 miles on the Baja without so much as an oil change or tune up. Yes, I admit I am a girl when it comes to cars. So yesterday, it decided to just not start. The maintenance men from the INN were very helpful, as was Tony who spoke Spanish much better than me.

Okay, no problem, just another set back. Anne and I took full advantage of this by simply relaxing, having a beer and watching the men work. This has to be my favorite pastime! After an hour of trying different things, the car still would not start. This morning I thought I just might try it one more time, and sure enough it started without any problem. I was amazed, and promised that I would take it in for a full treatment Monday. Yes, we need to take care of ourselves and all things that help us get through our days, including people and equipment.

My good friend Glen Mickowski of FN300 is shown here with Ubaldo who owns one of my favorite restaurants, the Giggling Dolphin on Juarez, just up from the Malecon. It has a great reasonable menu and the food and service is reliably good. Glen will be living in Loreto full time and is working with a Mexican Company to be able to deliver goods from La Paz and Los Cabo to Loreto. If you need things delivered or want more information, feel free to contact him at email: rainiercats@yahoo.com


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