Loreto Bay Property Management Ceases to Exist

Loreto Bay informed all its homeowners this evening that effective tomorrow, June 12, 2009; all Property Management services will no longer be provided.

Through the dream came the Vision of Community, and even though this is a very sad week for all of us, we need to keep the faith and believe that we will get through this together. I am at a loss of words for all the good friends that I will miss.

However, dealing with the immediate issue at hand, I feel that I need to make the best of the situation and create a positive solution.

There are only two ways to do business here. One is to be a sole proprietor and keep the business small; or to have a volume of business to warrant all the legal, tax, and labor commitments that a full business has. I am the exploring the option of the latter. Baja Boss is a legal entity and ready to start our Property Management Services commencing July 1st, 2009.

I have chosen Daniel Leal to be my Property Management business partner and Operations Manager. I have known Daniel for the last 5 years and he comes highly recommended by the Investment Group that brought the Whales Inn Hotel; as well as other developers in Loreto that have had business dealings with him. Daniel was the Operations Manager at the Whales INN (249 rooms) since December 2004 where he was responsible for all its areas, including Food & Beverage, Rooms, Sales & Bookings, Maintenance, and Security. After the Whales INN closed its doors in 2006, he continued on with the new investors in the same location to assist in operations, maintenance, security, and all local administration to launch the new project. As that project is now on hold for the time being, Daniel has now become available to explore Property Management opportunities with me. Timing is everything and all signs seem to be telling me this is the right thing to do.

We will be establishing our team from local Loretanos who we have known and trusted for many years. Daniel has extensive experience dealing with employees, business administration, tax and labor law in Mexico. There are many good people in Loreto that are willing to work hard for fair wages. We are happy to be able to offer the following services for $1300 pesos ($100 USD) per month which includes the following services:
• Maintenance Crew to check your home security, lights, flush toilets, run water, appliances, and general wear and tear EVERY week. We feel that it is important to check the homes at least once a week with the potential of weather or security problems at the current time. There will be a report on file for each inspection.
• Accounting Clerk to receive payments and pay electric and water bills regularly, and property taxes and bank trust fees annually.
• English speaking Receptionist/Concierge that is available to answer your telephone, email or personal inquiries.
Minor items such as changing light bulbs, removing mineral deposit build up from the toilet will be automatically done, and a nominal fee will be applied. If there is a concern, we will email you with photos and a quote for work for your approval. If you wish to have this work done, we will charge a 10% service fee to ensure that the work is completed satisfactorily.

We will have a small cleaning staff and a set price list for regular cleaning, pre and post move-in, and other services. In addition, there are many other good people that we can hire short term should the necessity arise, for example during a tropical storm. Both Daniel and I have been in Loreto for the past several years and have good knowledge of what needs to be done both before and after the rains come.

We are obtaining best quotes for air conditioning and landscape maintenance, as well as other services, which we will be pleased to pass along.

There are approximately 300 homes in LBC Property Management, so there is plenty of business for everyone. There are many good independents doing this business and they will continue to thrive. In order for me to actually take this step and commit the resources to make this happen, we will need 140 homes signed up for this program in order that we can have the staff required to provide the best value.

Please email me today at Nellie@bajaboss.com if you would like further information.

If you want me to accept the hard keys to your home from Loreto Bay Property Management before they close their doors at the end of the day, I will do this also, and hold them in safe keeping until you decide where you want them to go.

Another sleepless night in Loreto …

Miss Nellie

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