Welcome Home … It’s good to be back in Baja!

I remember in my Grade 12 graduation scrapbook, I wrote “you can do without people, but you can’t do without friends.” I had no idea what that meant at the time, but it is becoming clearer day by day as I approach middle age (okay … the number is relative!) and life in Loreto Bay. For those of you that understand … you will smile; for those that don’t … you are not old enough!

It was a whirlwind vacation that I can’t wait to share with you during the quiet of summer, but it is good to be back in Baja. I flew last minute from New York to San Jose Del Cabo for $213 USD including tax. Amazing, why I don’t get out more often!! Lots of construction happening in Cabo, but for me it was a pit stop to go to La Paz to meet the Notario #13 Nancy Hevia for signing Loreto Bay closing documents.

Nancy is a very good friend of mine, and it was great to catch up. Notarios in Mexico are similar to Judges in the USA. They remain neutral parties at all times and their role is to protocolize transactions and guarantee their security. There are only 19 Notarios in all of the State of Baja California Sur, and every corporate, real estate, and commercial transaction must go through them to be valid.

I met up with Elizabeth Maldondo of Loreto Bay Company, whom I have worked with for several years. She is one of the most organized people that I know and now is thinking of starting a settlement company, which I fully support. Elizabeth is Mexican but grew up in the USA and has the best of both worlds.

I took the public bus from La Paz to Loreto because there is no other mode of transportation available. It was a mere 410 pesos, but took 6.5 hours. It wasn’t bad once we got out of La Paz, which took 2 hours to make 4 stops during rush hour. The bus was clean and they showed movies in Spanish. It is what it is, and the first time is a little anxious. Everyone was very courteous and friendly and it was hassle free.

It is so quiet in Loreto Bay at the moment, a real ghost town. There are people in residence, but they are hiding inside from the heat. It is easy to be complacent and pretend that the situation is not as bad as it is, but that only prolongs the pain. I commend the people that have worked tirelessly on behalf of the Condominium Regimes over the last couple of weeks. They have stepped up and made decisions on behalf of us all that will only benefit our investment and dream. I appreciate all the passion, commitment and unity that our neighbors have shown. Thank you.

Baja BOSS Property Management has now secured our office at FN411 in Loreto Bay. This is the first house on the left hand side next to the golf course as you enter from the construction entrance near the INN at Loreto Bay. We were moving today and very excited to be operational July 1st… a milestone day for me personally as it is my 3 year anniversary on this incredible journey.

Our hours will be 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday; and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. For emergencies or off hours, our clients will have our cell phone numbers and we will be available 24x7. Drop by at FN411 and say hello to Daniel and myself … we look forward to seeing you again.

For those custom lot owners and AV owners, we are offering a special program for 600 pesos (approximately $45 USD) per month. This would give you all bill payments (bank trusts, property taxes, electric, etc) and having us available for concierge services and advice. We only check your home once a month; however you can add on cleaning, general maintenance, and hurricane services upon request. Depending upon the status of your home this may be sufficient. This gives you the comfort on knowing there is someone on the ground looking after your interests, without the full service package of weekly inspections, landscaping, pest control, etc.

I am now back in Loreto and back to work … feel free to call me at 602 628 2920 to discuss your property management or real estate questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week!

Miss Nellie

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