Hello ... I'm still here in Loreto!  
It has been over 6 years since I blogged about my adventures in Loreto.  When people ask why I stopped writing, I simply said that I was too busy living ... or more accurately trying to dig myself and Loreto out from under the collapse and ruin that the "Perfect Storm" of global recession left us.   I never considered returning to Canada or the USA for stable and secure employment.   It was never an option to leave so many broken dreams and hopelessness behind when I was such an integral part of creating the virtual community that become my home.   So with amazing support of my Mexican and Loreto Bay friends, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work on the road to recovery.   It has been another amazing journey that provided me with more life lessons that one person should ever have to learn.   Everyday there were experiences where I would have to improve my skills of patience, empathy, compassion, negotiation, compromise, and most importantly understanding.   The stories are too numerous; the lives affected are too many; the losses too sad; and the triumphs unrecognized except by the special few who make the difference... and that is enough.    The past is the past ... the future must be bright as it is all we have. 

For those that are interested, my life is good.   My daughter is all grown up and doing well in Calgary.  My parents both passed last year but I got to spend time with them, appreciate them, and have closure in many areas that should have been resolved long ago.   I am blessed with the most loyal, fun, and supportive friends that any one person could hope for.   My business is prosperous and my team are my family.    I have just signed a deal with Mr. Owen Perry of the Villa Del Palmar Group, wherein we are partners in a new real estate company that will represent both Loreto Bay and Danzante Bay.    The Danzante Bay homes will be opulent Country Club living on the signature Rees Jones Golf Course; and Loreto Bay will be a more friendly and affordable community.    We are also joining forces in our rental programs.   Together we can offer both the Hotel Resort as well as the Neighborhood Community experiences.     Our prime objective is to ensure every visitor has a wonderful vacation and wants to come back with their friends.   This is good for everyone, including the people of downtown Loreto.
For those that have not returned to Loreto for several years; you will find an amazing friendly and beautiful place that exceeds the original vision.  Our community is financially strong and a cohesive group of like minded individuals who want to live in peace among nature, and without the day to day drama that too often occurs where we came from.    It is important to live in the moment and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us.    
I was beaming with happiness this morning seeing large hot air balloons on the 8th green in Loreto Bay.  The shots of propane fire could be heard throughout the neighborhood as people came to see this incredible sight in our own backyard.   I have been told that Carlos Slim has brought 2 separate groups of 200 to 300 people this week to the Loreto Resort and there are many festivities, golf tournaments and events happening.   While it is important that we should not expect him to improve any services for Loreto Bay as there is no direct benefit to his organization; all tourism and promotion he does of our area is a huge boast to both the local economy and destination marketing.   We benefit from being his neighbor.
The back drop to the balloons is the still glistening waters of the Sea of Cortez where we often see Paddle boarders (with dog), kayaks, and often whales and dolphins.    Loreto is one of the most beautiful, safe, and easily accessible places in the world without a doubt.  
I made a gut decision, which seems to work for me, that I should start blogging again.   I'm not sure yet how regular I will be with my postings, but as long as there are good things to talk about ... I am very happy to share my experiences with you.  
Come back and check often ... or better yet come back to Loreto and see for yourself what an amazing place this has become.  
"Life is really simple ... but we insist on making it complicated"


Anonymous said…
I am so glad to have found Loreto Bay and I look forward to living there. No one could have prepared me for the "magic" of this community. I found a place where I can be one with nature and do some long overdue healing of my body and spirit.
cald1905 said…
Thank you, Nellie!

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