Reflections of the past 10 years ...

Where has the past 10 years gone???    I was looking back at my blog which originally started July 1st, 2006, when I packed up my bags and started my journey towards a new life in Loreto.   Looking back I have to ask myself "What Was I Thinking??!!"    Truly a leap of faith into the unknown abyss of desert in a foreign land.   Those 3 years from July 2006 to June 2009, were indeed my Mid Life Crisis.  

I experienced more highs by meeting and partying with the most interesting people who became lifelong friends.  I started 5 businesses which included a Sushi Bar, B&B Hotel, Fishing Charters, Real Estate and Professional Services.  By the end of 2007, all the businesses were in the black and I had 14 employees.  By the end of 2008 (after the global crash), I had zero businesses and no employees.   It was a wild ride and the Highs out numbered the Lows. 

July 1, 2009, I started my Property Management business.  I was lucky to have Veronica Salgado as my right hand person; Taco as the maintenance man, and Ramona as our housekeeper.   We started on a shoe string budget, operating out of a friend's home as there were no commercial spaces for rent.   During this time the Loreto Hotel and Golf Course were closed, all construction had come to a halt and the future of Loreto was uncertain.   It was a ghost town and there were more donkeys living in Loreto Bay than people.

As a community we endured through the TSD Receivership process; as well as the Homex purchase and subsequent bankruptcy; participated in the HOA organization of absentee homeowners and lobbying for our $2MM USD special assessment to finish the common areas.  We worked through the abandoned units one by one to legally and financially clean up the gray shells and bare land lots that were in default.  We saw the collapse of Road 9 Tech Services; and bringing Telmex to Loreto Bay.   We started the commercial leasing in 2011 to bring shops and services to the paseo.  I took on completing Las Posadas Condos at the request of Homex and we are getting close to the finish line. 
We are celebrating our 7 year anniversary of Baja Boss / Loreto Bay Homes.  Loreto Bay  is now positioned to be a top Vacation/Resort Destination.   There is natural beauty in every direction; beautifully completed homes and landscaping; well maintained golf course; and as many as 8 restaurants within walking distance in our community.  We have 3 very nice community pools; with a possible 4th pool under review.  Our real estate prices have crept up to acceptable levels with demand starting to catch up with supply.   Rental prices are on the increase, as well as expectation for more amenities and guest services.    While our resort has morphed into something different than originally planned... many of us feel it is better, more united and cohesive.   We are all proud to be part of something GREAT!
Now it is time for renewal of fresh energy and enthusiasm. I am intrigued and pulled by doing the unexpected and what to many seems impossible.   
At my core, I continue to want to Make A Difference in a Positive Way.   We can do this every day by simply being aware, offering a helping hand, and being available to assist people achieve smaller milestones.   I want to spend more time writing ... looking for a muse?  I want to capture simple pleasures in photography ... there is so much beauty around us.  I will continue to travel to seek out and explore new adventures.  I will live each day so that it is positive, tranquil, and fulfilling.  This sounds more like the mantra of a Buddhist Monk than a highly driven Workaholic.  What can I say, I'm complicated!
I am excited about this next phase of my life.  I have a plan to be happy, healthy and wise.  Other than this, it is all a crap shoot.   I do know I will always be part of Loreto, and that Mexico has changed me.
There are people who make things happen, there are people that watch things happen; and there are people who wonder what happened?  Stay tuned as my journey unfolds and come along for the ride. 

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
Francis of Assisi

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