What is New in Loreto, Mexico?

I truly must say that after one year of living in Loreto, I can only remember 3 bad days. This is pretty incredible when I think of all my working life, the countless times that some “catastrophe” would happen that would put me in a bad mood and stress me out, and basically affect the rest of the day. Now when “stuff” happens, I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh Well, nothing I can do about it now. Let’s see what happens and deal with the consequences.” Perhaps this is the evolution process of becoming older and wiser, and perhaps it is because in Loreto, there is not a damn thing you can do but give in to the inevitable. Life happens …deal with it. This is not to say that every day is a bed of roses, but I have grown accustomed to the little thorns.

In the last few months my blog has been gaining a wide readership with over 1600 hits a month. It started as a personal journal and means of communication with those that wanted to know what I was doing. Now it has evolved into a central place to keep in touch with what is happening in the area and stay connected with virtual friends.

This is a lot of responsibility and I was considering the thought of discontinuing writing after my first year. However, this week I had many friends visit who encouraged me to keep writing and they told me how much they appreciated what I was doing. This was very important for me to hear and I value their comments and kindness very much. It is always nice to see my neighbors and friends. Please drop by and say hello whenever you are in downtown Loreto. It does get lonely here … especially now as summer approaches.

There has been much development in Loreto in the last six months. It seems things happen very slowly, and then all of a sudden you notice changes and wonder “When or How did that happen?Quien Sabe! The streets of downtown Loreto have been a mess for months with every road being ripped up with detours and pot holes everywhere. What we have been told is that the State Government gave money to fix the roads before the rains came. The city decided to take this opportunity to redo the sewer and water pipes, and now this has finally been done.

The first new road to be paved was the entrance to Jueves which is the main street behind Bridgestone Tire. They used a new type of asphalt that lasts longer and is more durable in this heat, and I must say it looks beautifully smooth! For now it is the only block in the entire city that is finished… but a great start!

The Bridge over the arroyo between Loreto and Nopolo is almost finished and should be open this week. You can see the side road to the left that we have been using for months, which was a strip of uneven surfaces, dirt and gravel, and no lights or dividing lines. The new road will be much faster and I hope they enforce speed restrictions as it will be tempting to go very fast along the new smooth surface. We look forward to seeing how it holds up in the next hurricane storm.

Loreto Bay has also made major progress in Phase II Aqua Viva and golf course. You can see that a substantial area has been cleared and they are starting on 80 AV homes very soon. The canals are being dug and the retention walls going up. The golf course will be ready to start seeding this season and be ready to open next year. Not sure of dates, but as long as things keep moving forward … it is all good.

I was astounded by the estuary that has been completed behind the golf course lots in Founders Neighborhood. It is much larger than I expected and already home to many birds that neighbors can see from their windows in the mornings. This combined with the golf course when finished and the mountains as a backdrop will make the homes on this side of the road very desirable.

Here is a photo of the back of the Golf Course Village Homes, many of which are now completed and have sidewalks. It is a community starting to happen and I introduced three different home owners who were down this week accepting their homes, that all just happened to be within a few houses from each other. Small, small world!

The new hospital is coming along very quickly and it has been painted with doors, windows and gates. I do not know when it will open, but the building looks almost completed. Of course, I am sure getting equipment and finishing the interior is always more work, but they have come a long way in less than a year.

There is a new large tire shop as you enter Loreto. With the streets being what they are, and many times we are off-roading on dirt paths or beaches, tires get much wear and tear. I recently replaced my two front tires with new No Name Brand tires for 1600 pesos. This is about $80 USD a piece including installation and wheel alignment. I did not check to see if they replace shocks or brakes, but that is a great business here too.

Just a few blocks from the tire store is a new nursery. I have not had the need to go and explore there, but it is always nice to have options and what makes a home here are the plants and flowers. The plants look healthy and you can’t miss the large selection as you drive into town.

There are many investment deals in Loreto. This week I am showing a rental investment for sale. It is a brand new home, well located on a quiet street in downtown Loreto with a 2 bedroom suite that would rent for $700 per month and a 1 bedroom suite that rents for $500 a month, with parking. This is for sale at $150,000 USD and a good immediate return. There is zero vacancy in Loreto and the rental accommodation will not change anytime soon. We can advise you on the many real estate options in this area, including Loreto Bay. Just email or drop by for more information.

The term of Mayor or Presidente is three years and not renewable. Loreto will have an election in February 2008 and the new candidate will officially take office in May of 2008. We can start to see campaign signs going up and it looks like it will be a very aggressive race in this up and coming little town. By the way, this photo is taken at the only stop light in Loreto and it is now functional again, after being turned off for several months due to road construction.

Have a great week!


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