As I celebrate 15 years in Loreto Bay, I find myself regularly astonished and swelling with pride at what this Community has achieved.   It took hundreds of dreamers, risk takers, and visionaries to believe in the concept of a friendly, safe community that offered more than our creature comforts in home towns across the USA and Canada.   These Pioneers put their faith in the concept and each other, against formidable odds and incomprehensible challenges to complete the vision and finally becoming Settlors to enjoy the benefits and rewards of Living Fully and Treading Lightly.  

Along the way, we have been joined by others who feel the tranquility and magic of our special, unhurried and respectful way of life.   It is interesting to note that 40% of all new buyers are younger than 58 years old and desiring to have simpler, yet fuller lives.  We are seeing more families of grand parents, adult children and many young toddlers all sharing precious memories in this unforgettable place in Baja, Mexico.  

On my first visit to Loreto in 2003, I immediately saw the Vision presented to me by David Butterfield and his impassioned team.   Over the next few months of understanding the mammoth project scope, I had the epiphany to create a Virtual Community of Owners that was spread across North America ... all contributing to the creation of the physical and emotional fraternity.  This Virtual Community happened through email newsletters, event gatherings, and blogs, all done long before social networks and FACEBOOK were popular.

This Virtual Community was a lifeline for many to achieve their emotional dream of a vacation home, and to others it was a way of overseeing their investment.  For me, it taught me so much about the good in people during the best and most difficult times.  The pride, respect and teamwork to achieve so much with so little help, is a testament to the magic of this small area and its residents. 

One of the few remaining unfinished plans from the original Vision is the two Posada Condo Buildings.   They are the heart and center of Loreto Bay standing tall and strong, waiting for their time.   For the past 8 years, I have led the charge to complete these buildings with the support of 20 passionate pioneers, and a few of the original Homex investors, Ginax Construction, legal and other professionals in Loreto, to reach a resolution to finish the buildings.    We have had global economic catastrophes and many naysayers stand in our way, but we have persevered and will prevail.  

I now have the authority and legal power to start sales again; with 100% of all monies going directly to complete both buildings.   This is a unique joint venture, that creates a win/win for all original Buyers who pay to complete their units AND for the entire community of Loreto Bay.   The confidence and importance of having these large buildings completed and operated as a Luxury Condo Hotel is significant to each and every owner in this HOA Community.  

I have pondered what is the best way to sell the remaining 26 condos, as we have limited marketing budget and buying into the Posadas is buying into a way of life ... more amenities, services, and less maintenance than a traditional Village Home.    This concept is very much in line with my stage in life where I am searching for quality, reliability of service, and comfort with no stress or hassles. 

This is what brought me back to resurrecting the blog.   Firstly, to follow the progress of the Posadas and watch the buildings come to life and be the heart of Loreto Bay, as was the original vision.   Secondly, to share my experiences and learn from others their unique differences, in order to be more diverse, global and yet unified in our approach towards the same objectives.  

By working together we can quickly sell out and finish these buildings to benefit of all.  This includes paying significant HOA back dues that would cover significant road and parking improvements.  All cash is to be handled by our trust account and/or paid directly to Ginax Contractors.   I have joint power to transfer title to the condos.

Contact me at Nellie@bajaboss.com  for an FAQ and Price List. 

If you are a naysayer and don't believe I can pull it off ... it's best to keep these negative thoughts to yourself.   I believe in positive karma and it has done me very well in this community.  

Thank you to all Loreto Bay Owners for your contribution and making this a GREAT place to live! 

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2019!!

Nellie Hutchison

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