Back in Beautiful Sunny Loreto

It was nice to be away, and even better to be back. Temperatures are in the mid to high 80’s, with 50% humidity which is great for the skin. The plane was half full, but I did not recognize too many people and there were few fishermen with coolers or reels.

What was immediately noticeable is how quiet the streets are downtown and in Loreto Bay. Walking several times from my home located near the 9th green to the INN this weekend, I did not come across another person. There are a few people in the Snack Shack for dinner, but mostly the place is deserted.

We blame much of this on the swine flu media craze, and there are still no concerns about this in Baja California Sur. People are still continuing to cancel their travel plans here and we are expecting a very quiet summer for tourism.

Coming from the lush greenery of Victoria to Loreto is a sharp contrast of tranquil beauty. The photos this week are taken at the INN at Loreto Bay today. There are a few homeowners in residence and the topic is usually how perfect this place is. The weather is wonderful, and it is safe, peaceful, and stunningly beautiful.

We sat under a palapa on the beach quietly visiting, reading, and just watching life as it should be. I am always amazed how much cooler it is by the water. Since I live and work here full time, I don’t always take time to smell the roses either. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Being away from Loreto, it is easy to put it to the back of our minds and forget about visiting. But remember why you bought here and come back soon to “live in the now”. Walk along the beach and watch the birds flying from dawn to dusk. Do some golfing on the 18 hole course and take in the beauty of the mountains course itself.

I know that as summer approaches, there are other family vacation destinations and the weather is good back home, but we all look forward to seeing you back in Loreto soon.

Have a great week!

Miss Nellie

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