Happy Mothers Day From Loreto To Victoria

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all women, regardless of whether they are mothers or daughters. Here’s a toast to all the women that nurture, care for, and take time from their own interests to encourage and support one another and all the men around us. These are photos from regular gardens around Victoria today. Enjoy!

This week I traveled from Loreto to Victoria, BC, without incident and very little hoopla about Swine Flu. Checking in at Loreto Airport, I was asked to complete a simple questionnaire about any symptoms of having temperatures in excess of 39 degrees Celsius (it’s hot okay), coughing (dirt and dust), sore limb joints (too much fishing, hiking or dancing), and irritable redness in the eyes (lack of sleep).

I imagined regular tourists being confused if they had symptoms of influenza or remnants of tequila nights? It was necessary to present my questionnaire to the airport doctor who took my temperature (in my ear) before giving me the okay to travel. It would be nice to always know that I wasn’t traveling with some infected carrier who was spreading a cold virus through the air ventilation system of airplanes!

LAX was the busiest that I have seen in a very long time. We landed at the same time as a couple of large flights from Cambodia, Korea, and other international destinations. The airport was amazingly efficient given the amount of people and bags that were moved through. As usual, I was impressed by simple things such as a large vending machine of expensive handheld electronics. Bored and have time on your hands? Simply swipe your credit card and choose your mode of distraction to twitter away the time. Yes, I am back to an instant gratification society based on credit and having our temptations fulfilled through flexible payment plans.

I am showing my age, as this is far too Star Trek for me! Ooops, that’s making a comeback now too. Haven’t we had enough of Capt Kirk for one lifetime without having to relive his youth and continuum of fighting Klingon warships for 5 decades! I admit being an avid fan of the banter between Kirk, Spock and Bones when I was a small child held captive in front on the TV babysitter, but I would like to think that my horizons have broadened. I guess the more things change, the more they remain the same. Our youth are still fascinated with travel and challenges of the dark side … To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before... How original, eh?

It is a cool 59 degrees in Victoria during the middle of the day. The air is fresh and the blossoms are starting to show their true colors. There is freshness in the air and everything feels like it has been rinsed off with rain. There is no dust and dirt to walk through and it is not necessary to look down as we can assume there is no uneven pavement or construction debris to trip us. Simple pleasures. It is a nice place to visit, but I admit that living in a small town like Loreto half the year still has much appeal.

Before the swine flu outbreak, Loreto was seeing a positive economic improvement, just like many other parts of the world. Tourism was stronger than 2008, and we had more sales in the first 4 months of this year than all of last year combined. Dorado Properties Loreto now has 30 resale listings in Loreto Bay. We encourage all our sellers to list at realistic prices in today’s market, and because of this we are seeing reasonable offers being made. It should be noted that there are over 400 Village Homes completed at Loreto Bay, and there are approximately 10% of them for sale. This is relatively low given that this is a second vacation home destination in these difficult times. Although we have a few people that must sell to meet other financial commitments, there are also those whose lifestyle has changed from when the purchased 4 or 5 years ago. All very normal and to be expected.

The home we feature this week is FN140 which is a 2 bdrm Casa Chica with extra large back garden. It shows well, and the garden adds another 300 sq. ft. of comfortable living space on the main level. It has just been reduced by $64,000 USD and now priced at $325,000 to sell.

This is less than 2004 pricing when you consider the upgrades, landscaping, full furniture package to Loreto Bay Rental Ready requirements. These include 3 TVs, central system phones in each bedroom and main living area; all artwork, house wares and linen package, including spa quality bath robes. The furniture package is valued at $50,000 alone.

You enter this Casa Chica home off a quiet paved lane, and yet it has easy access to the street to bring in groceries, water and beer. Centrally located and easy to find, this home offers many features and benefits to someone wanting the best investment value in Loreto today.

We will miss these great neighbors who are sad to give up their vision of community, but life is full of change. We can help those discover the benefits of living Loreto to make a positive change too. For more information, visit www.doradoloreto.com and view Listing Number 008-020. Email me at nellie@doradoloreto.com for more information.

Fishing season is upon us in Loreto, and there are signs that this will be another spectacular year. The yellow tail are abundant and running between 30 to 50 lbs. Even novices can catch these! So come on down, it is hot and humid, but nothing a few cervezas and afternoons lazing under the beach palapa listening to the gentle waves lulling you into a relaxed siesta won’t cure. www.bloodydecks.com/forums/ has some great blogging on fishing in Loreto.

We hope that people will not believe all they hear in the media, and realize that Loreto still remains the safe sleepy quiet haven it has for 300 years when the Jesuit Priests discovered heaven on earth. Tourism is down, all the local businesses are hurting, so be generous with your time and tips are appreciated more than usual. What goes around comes around, and we will remember your kindness more than anything else. Please Pay It Forward!

Have a great day, and hope to see you in Loreto!

Miss Nellie

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