Swine Who? Everyday in Loreto is Another Day in Paradise!

One of the simple pleasures of living la vida loca is that I don’t miss the media hype and sensationalism of a slow news day. There are no fears in Loreto about being attacked by the angry H1N1 virus, no desperate search for face masks and no one avoiding the festivities of Loreto Days this weekend because they are afraid of public places.

On April 30, State Tourism Secretary Alberto Trevino declared that the State of Baja California Sur remains free of the swine flu virus. No confirmed cases neither have been registered nor suspected. The entity is virus free. NOTE: Baja California Sur is a different State than Baja California.

On May 1, Baja California’s Health Secretariat acknowledged that the state’s first four cases of swine flu, all of them in Mexicali the state capital. A spokesman said the patients have recovered and are in good health.

Please note that Mexicali is in the State of Baja California (which we consider Baja Norte) and a long way away from here. It is situated on the US – Mexico border with a population of 1.25 Million people. Come on folks, let’s put things into perspective. I feel safer in Loreto than Los Angeles for many reasons. The worst threat here is a cow jumping out onto the road when I am driving too fast … how bad is that?

I was astounded to learn that every year 36,000 people die in the United States as a result of standard influenza. Most of these fatalities are either in the very young or old, or otherwise medically compromised individuals. This was one of the initial concerns for H1N1 that seems to attack strong and healthy individuals in their prime. World Health Organization (WHO) is backing away from this concern now, as further studies have been made.

There was much panic last week created by media hype. As of today, it is not expected that any borders will be closed or that travel will be restricted to any region of Mexico or the world. It is true that Mexico closed many government offices, schools and businesses as of Friday May 1 through May 5. However, this is not terribly significant as the 1st and 4th are both national holidays and this will provide an extended weekend for many employees. Schools national wide are currently closed to May 6th … what a nice break for the upcoming Mother’s Day which is a revered holiday in Mexico.

Alaska Airlines has introduced some amazing seat sales for many of its destinations. You must book before May 14, and travel between May 15 and September 30, 2009. I may fly Seattle to San Francisco for $59 one way … just because I can! Flights to Loreto are still more expensive because it is not a high volume traffic run during the summer. However, flights from Seattle to Los Cabos are $290 return! If you have a large family or group, it almost pays to fly to Cabo and rent a car to enjoy the drive up for a longer stay.

So what is better than being in Loreto during the global economic meltdown; the threat of drug cartels 1161 kms away; and pandemic of influenza? A day on the water! REEL TROUBLE is back in business, just in time for fishing season. Tourism was down considerably last year and I fear that the same may happen this summer. However, we are forever hopeful that we may have quality business if not quantity.

Capt. Chino had a tough day touring Lynda Rutherford and all her girlfriends, including yours truly, on a 4 hour cruise around the Sea of Cortez. It was another incredible day in Loreto, 86 degrees and calm. The water was 73 degrees and perfect for playing in the water at Coronado Isle. We even ordered hundreds of dolphins to perform and wish Linda the very happiest of birthdays!

Have a great week, and no worries … we will all still be here when you return!

Miss Nellie

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