House Inspections, Cheerleaders, and Fishing ... It's a Wonderful Life in Loreto, Mexico!

It is hard to believe that it is almost one year since I accepted my Loreto Bay Casa FN62. It is a great home and I am very happy with how everything turned out. I am no construction expert and believe that I save myself much anxiety, time and frustration by letting the experts do what I know little about.

Many of you know Chris Smith as the Construction Manager of Village Homes, and Bill Doyle as the Commercial Construction Manager of Loreto Bay Company. Both Chris and Bill have branched out on their own, together with Kent Brodwolf to start THE CONSTRUCTION COACH providing consulting and inspection services. I have worked with both Chris and Bill and have known them for several years now. I value their experience, work ethics, knowledge of the construction and materials used for my Casa Chica. They showed up at the appointed time and spent all day doing my One Year Warranty Inspection. This included the structural inspection, as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

They started by flood testing all my exterior surface areas, so that I did not need to wait for a storm to see what happens! Bill moved around both the exterior and interior walls testing every inch of plaster to ensure nothing required immediate remediation. Chris was conducting signal tests on every electrical and data port in the home, many of which I have never used. They know what needs to meet code in Mexico, and what is realistic to expect from a home anywhere in North America. I get my full comprehensive report next week, along with a recommended maintenance program to ensure that the home stays looking as beautiful as it is today.

In addition to conducting One Year Warranty Inspections, they can provide regular progress reports while your home is under construction. What I am very happy about and feel is an invaluable service is they will ACCEPT the home on the buyers’ behalf when it is finally finished. I know many homes are now scheduled to be completed between August and December of 2007, and this is the time to start thinking how you are going to do all that is required to ACCEPT your home, which includes:

- establishing a punch list of deficiencies in the initial completion stages
- working with Loreto Bay to ensure that these deficiencies are satisfactorily completed and final acceptance is obtained
- Confidently signing the Certificate of Acceptance
- Coordinating furniture delivery by Touch of History, inspecting inventory and final cleanup
- Coordinating electronic delivery by Road 9, inspecting inventory and final cleanup.

This process normally takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete. Most home owners come down for 5 days at great personal expense because we are all busy people, then find themselves overwhelmed with the task at hand. THE CONSTRUCTION COACH rates are reasonable and I highly recommend their services. Many of my friends have used them as well, and other references are readily available. Their website is Contact Laurie O’Reilly, their Office Manager at and tell them Nellie sent you!

Local News is that the municipal police were out in full force for Drivers Safety and Prevention of Accidents Week. The Loreto Municipal Transit recommendations for safe driving are as follows:

- Do not drive drunk
- Do not use cell phone when driving
- Do not drive with a baby in your arms
- Respect the street signs
- Do not speed in school zones
- Do not double park
- Keep your Driver’s License with you at all times
- Respect the 4 Way Stop
- Do not exceed the speed limit

There have always been standard driving laws here, but it appears they are now making a point to enforce them, which is great for all.

The celebrity news in Loreto this week was 20 Cardinal football cheerleaders were in town for the weekend. I heard this was a combination promotion for the Loreto Bay Sales Weekend, the kickoff of the Continental flight from Houston, Texas, and they were doing a photo shoot for next year’s calendar. There was a special event at the airport on Thursday, which I missed but apparently every man in town heard about! All day Friday the local men were walking into my office asking me where they could get a glimpse of these beautiful American girls. Unfortunately, I do not have the clout to get them to Nellie’s Place Bar … otherwise, I would have!

The Town of Loreto decided in its wisdom to tear up the dock ramp at the Marina almost coincidentally with the First Day of Fishing. Why would they do that?? Quien Sabe? It was 100 degrees today with 37% humidity so it feels like 109 degrees. A walk in the park compared to Phoenix where I lived for 3 years.

This is the perfect time to be on the water and the season to catch the giant Sailfish, Marlin, and Mahi Mahi/Dorado. The water is wonderfully warm and incredibly clear to snorkel or scuba dive.

Our favorite local captain is Chino Yee, who has over 30 years experience fishing in this area and is highly sought after for his knowledge and providing the utmost customer service. Chino has several boats, so let us know if you want us to book your Fishing Experience in advance of your arrival. This is the start of the busy season, so you do not want to be disappointed to arrive and find the best captains not available.

Today I finally got all my signs up and my building is pretty much finished! Dorado Properties Loreto now occupies the large office space with the lizard. Our four agents, Santos, Joel, Renato and Andres have been working very hard and we have 31 listings in just a month’s time! Go to and search on Loreto – to see what we have available! We have new inventory every day, but just can’t get in on the website fast enough. Contact me at if you are interested in something specific.

This is a photo of how the building looked just 6 short months ago! BajaBOSS now has two lawyers and one certified public accountant to assist with all your corporate, legal, tax, and immigration needs. We are now truly BOSS - a Business One Stop Solutions provider. Just about anything you need, we can either assist you or at least point you in the right direction. We are setting up systems to become corporate Registered and Records Office, which means that we house your legal and tax records at our office when Hacienda or other authorities need to review them. Baja BOSS takes care of your monthly tax filings and ensures that you are in full compliance with all documentation filings on time. Drop by and see us next time you are in Loreto!


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