My Favorite Things Including Loreto Bay Home Owners Weekend

There were many friends and neighbors in town this weekend. We gathered at the INN on Thursday evening under the bright full moon. It was great to see everyone and feel the vision of community and remember why we bought here again. Everyone is so very nice and friendly.

The new General Manager of the Hotel is Alfredo, who is shown on the left. The absence of staff from Loreto Bay Company was very evident and we were told that they would not be providing any representation at these events. I guess the owners are now on our own – even though most in attendance still do not have their completed homes yet. Oh Well.

Glen and Joyce Mickowski, FN300, are now here full time and have their 36’ and 50’ catamarans available to take visitors on day trips or overnight around the islands. I talked to some homeowners that took the Champaign breakfast cruise and they loved it. You can make reservations with Glen at

Lynn and Sharon, FN325, are shown here with Joel and Cheryl, FN113, and Rich and Jean, FN105. Rich and Jean have moved here permanently from Minnesota and watching their home being built and loving the life style. They are my best referral clients for the Living in Loreto package, as they got their FM3 immigration papers, electronic banking, shopping, and even drivers’ licenses done painlessly and hassle free.

Stuart and Sarah, FN18 (on the right) have also been here full time almost one year. Their 3 children are in the local schools and they have made many friends in Loreto. They too have been watching their home being built and enjoy meeting their new friends and neighbors.

On Friday night many people gathered at Nellie’s Place to meet before and after dinner and it was a great night for all. It always surprises me what a small world it is and how many things people find in common by just talking a little.

This was a week of parties and visitors. My friend Matt was celebrating his 50th birthday and had many friends fly in from California to celebrate with his neighbors from the Punto Nopolo condominiums. Here we are with his wife Deborah. It is the perfect setting for a party by the pool, on the golf course and estuary.

My favorite things in Loreto include Santa Lucia Bakery and Restaurant. They have moved right next door to our building and now have a great second floor view to enjoy early morning breakfasts and lunches. The food is very good and the staff always friendly. You can even get a good cappuccino! Remember they close Wednesdays.

Laurie Sanborn, FN122, and I went to the Saturday Market to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. You can find clothes, shoes, pots, dishes, and many miscellaneous items such as hangers, screwdrivers, and there are a few places with home made specialties that are delicious. Don’t be put off by the whole goats hanging and ready for roasting. It is part of the culture, just like buying meat out in the open or fresh pork rind.

Loreto is still a small town. Behind the donkeys crossing the highway in this photo is a large white truck filled with people all standing and being transported somewhere. There are noticeably more horses, goats and cattle along the sides of the road now, so please be very careful driving. When you see cars coming towards you with their hazard lights on, it means SLOW DOWN … you will find out why very soon.

Why did the donkeys cross the road? To graze on the greener pastures of course! They seem very happy and oblivious to the power poles, highway and cars speeding behind them.

I was following this horse on the highway on its way to Nopolo. It looked quite comfortable as the driver was driving 100 km down the road and it could feel the wind in its face. Not sure where it was going, but pretty sure it was not a Loreto Bay neighbor.

Fishing season is upon us. You can see the large sailfish in the back of this pickup truck and the driver doesn’t seem the least bit worried it will fall out. On the other side of the street you see Pedro riding the donkey pulled carriage. He charges 30 pesos or $3.00 for a ride along the malecon and I think a great way to spend 20 minutes and a few bucks to support the local community.

Everyone says that I work too much and don’t know how I manage to juggle all the things that I do. But have a look at my office, with its open windows on the water looking at Carmen Island, or sometimes I work from my other office, which is the 3rd palapa at the INN to write my blog. The waiters all know my name and drink, so writing to you each week is really my pleasure. Let me know when you are visiting so I will be sure to be at Nellie’s Place to share one of Sergio’s special drinks. Today he made me a mojito with a margarita twist! Yummy!


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