Loreto Nellie expands Dorado Properties and Baja BOSS

It is September in Loreto, which means the quietest month of the year. Many residents leave to escape the storms, heat and humidity; and the tourists are far away at home busy with their regular family routines of work and school. Many Loreto business owners take this month to close and vacation as well. All has gone quiet in the rumor mill and there is little discussion of what will happen to Loreto Bay.

We continue to have raining days … grey skies, slightly overcast and the occasional thunder clap, followed by a torrent 5 minutes of rain. If you blink, you just may miss it! However, even a few moments of rain can cause the homes to become saunas in just a few hours. Our Property Inspectors are all busy ventilating and airing out homes to avoid mold and mildew.

Loreto has certainly had its challenges in the last 6 months. First there was the media frenzy of Swine Flu in April; and just when people were realizing that it was not in Baja Sur ... Loreto Bay collapsed all its companies and closed the INN and Golf Course. These facilities remain closed today; however, Fonatur is maintaining both at bare minimum standards until a new buyer can be confirmed.

So many of our friends and business colleagues have left the area, and many have started new businesses. It can be overwhelming to understand all the different players, their roles and responsibilities.

As the owner of Baja BOSS (acronym for Business One Stop Solutions) we offer Property Management Services. There are several good Property Managers available and each differs in their value added services. What we offer that many do not, is that we are an independent company that will pay your Condo Regime Monthly Fees and actively participate in Annual General Meetings and decisions affecting the homeowners. We have no conflicts with other Construction Companies or Rental or Management Companies, so we can wholly act in your best interests. I live in this community and can make a difference.

Our mandate is to provide quick, responsive communication and expedient solutions. We have a program for unfinished Custom and AV Homes for only 600 pesos ($45 USD) per month. We will pay your Condo fees, property taxes, bank trust fees, utility bills, and more importantly you have access to me for all your miscellaneous queries about IRS Form 3520, Mexican Capital Gain taxes, Immigration and Customs, suppliers, vendors, and our concierge services. Visit our new Baja Boss Loreto Newsletter at www.bajaboss.com and see what we do for our clients on a regular basis. We thank all 80 of our clients for supporting us since July 1st, 2009.

Loreto Bay Realty terminated all its employees and closed its doors in June 2009 making Dorado Properties Loreto the ONLY real estate company handling Loreto Bay Resales. So, since I am not one to let an opportunity pass it’s time to get back on the treadmill, set the speed dial, and get ready to hang on! Hope you will join me. It will prove interesting, that I can assure you.

Dorado Properties Loreto Real Estate specializes in Loreto Bay and handles many different projects and individual properties. We are in negotiation with Gerardo Prieto Trevino, owner of Turistica Advisors, to establish a joint venture which will make us the largest broker north of La Paz in Baja California Sur.

Gerardo Prieto Trevino has served as Vice President-Tourism Division since April 2007. Mr. Prieto joined Homex from Grupo Questro, where he served as Sales and Marketing Director. He was also Sales Director at Fonatur from 2000 to 2004.

I am very excited about this new avenue as I have been friends with Gerardo Prieto for many years now. I admire his energy, enthusiasm, management style and am personally in awe of his skill and experience. Be the first to visit our beta site at www.turisticaadvisors.com/ and have a look around.

If you are thinking of selling or buying at the bottom of the market, contact me at Nellie@Doradoloreto.com and I will put you in touch with our experienced sales staff that resides in Loreto Bay. We are a team focused on supporting our community.

In the meantime, watch for our new pricing and announcements October 1st, 2009.

Have a great week!
Miss Nellie

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