The One With The Most Toys Wins

The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. Many things have changed in Loreto over the last year. One that appeals most to me is the increase of nicer cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles in general. Baja has been a haven for travelling groups of motorcyclists and motor homes, wishing to explore unknown territory and camp out under the stars. Now the calibre of toys has stepped up quite a few notches and the people who own them want very nice second or third homes to retreat to.

My friend Darryl arrived this week from California with some of his toys. He said he was driving down his motor home with "stuff" to keep him busy for several months. I had visions of an older RV that most gringos keep here to travel the dirt roads of Baja.

Instead he shows up with a luxury condo on wheels, complete with garage that is more comfortable than my current home. As if the leather interior and plasma TV were not enough, there is a hydrolic lift in the back and he pulls out dirt bikes, ATVs, a home gym, and a steady stream of tools and other equipment.

The dune buggy will be particularly fun for the back roads and exploring the endless beaches and wilderness before the new developers put up fences and access is no longer free and open. This is progress and a natural transition for people to protect their properties, but in the meantime, we are lucky enough to be here while it is still the Wild Wild West.

The bad *ss Harley was of course my favorite and I can not wait to go for a ride. We will definitely be setting a new standard for Loreto! Darryl is one of us ... the new bred of foreigners in Loreto who want to participate in making this seaside village a prosperous place for everyone by doing business here and fully integrating into the community. A very classy guy.

The weather now is absolutely perfect, with temperatures in the high 80's and the warm sea breeze. This yacht has been anchored in front of my hotel for over a week. It is interesting that the people on the shore are enjoying its beauty as much as the people on board must be enjoying the scenery of the malecon and buzz of activity all day long. Most afternoons the water is like glass.

I see more and more power boats, catamarens, sailboats, and fishing boats on the water all the time. Many of my friends want to bring down their boats, and hopefully Singular who runs Puerto Escondido will act more like a business focused on running an efficient profit center than just another government agency thinking about taxation and exorbinent fees for use.

My buddy Josh was here from Scottsdale and we spent the afternoon at Playa El Burro, or Donkey Beach. Loses something in the translation - don't you think? We drove up to Mulege with another friend Marcel, and tried to track down Juan who the locals told us we could find under a mesquite tree. Great landmarks and directions in these small communities! Anyways, after 30 minutes of going in circles, we were told we could also try finding Daniel who has a blue van. We see a blue van driving down the highway, and it must be him! So we chase him for 10 minutes and sure enough he took us for a boat ride.

The town of Mulege is not much of a tourist destination, but the surrounding areas are spectacular. There is a good mix of locals and gringos, all enjoying the beach and their boats. There is nothing better than being on the water here. It was crystal clear and we could see the giant cone shaped scallops and many stingrays nesting in the sand as well. Always be respectful of Mother Nature.

Our Mexcian guide Daniel Gonzales speaks very good english and charged us $250 pesos per hour for the panga. He lived in Indiana, USA for a year, but is happy to be back in his country. He has an eviable life, being paid for what he loves to do. We were happy to spend a very nice afternoon with him. You can reach Daniel at 01 615 153 0842 or email me and we can call him to book. He also rents sea kyacks and other boats as well.

I love being in Daniel's country too!


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