Back to Life as Normal in Loreto ...

The calm after the storm was prevalent in Loreto. The next morning after Hurricane Henrietta had made her presence known the streets were full of municipal workers and business people all out sweeping, cleaning and trying to get our city back to the spotlessly clean place we are so proud of. Police were out directing dump trucks and blocking roads so the cleaners could sweep in safety. We saw a new street cleaner machine that made a lot of noise and blew clouds of dust everywhere.

It is amazing how green this place becomes with just a few inches of rain. There are waterfalls in the mountains that create streams and small ponds of water that are cool and refreshing. The hills come alive with bushes that were never noticeable before and the land between Nopolo and Loreto look like lush pastures for the animals to feed. The temperatures have now dropped to the low 90’s, but with 60% humidity it feels at least 10 degrees hotter.

Last weekend was Loreto’s Festival complete with famous music artists performing from Mexico City, fireworks, fair rides, and kiosks serving food and drinks until the early hours of the morning. They brought the Virgin of Guadalupe down from San Javier and were carrying her through town with big parades. There was also a Parade of the Pongas and we could hear the musicians on board as the decorated boats sailed past the malecòn.

In business this week, BajaBOSS was visited by Columbia Export Service Company. Jeanny and I took their San Diego and La Paz representatives to Mediterrano Restaurant to discuss their expanded services and how they can assist our clients and friends. Columbia Export can ship any legally imported goods from the USA, including construction materials, appliances, retail and wholesale inventory, and furniture. They have shipments leaving from San Diego to Los Cabos almost daily. Yvonne Moreno (next to me) is their Customer Service Representative in San Diego and can be reached at (619) 710-1863 or at

BBVA Bancomer Bank representatives from Mexico City and Los Cabos were in Loreto this week to introduce their new services to foreigners. They had a cocktail party at the INN which was attended by approximately 70 people. In addition to their new Preferred Client Services which will include English speaking representatives and English translated documents, they also introduced their mortgage, investment, and fidecomisco services. BajaBOSS is looking forward to working with Bancomer’s Head Office in Mexico City and their Senior Fiduciario Manager in Los Cabos to assist the local branch in providing more efficient seamless services to our clients. Ronnie, John, Grace, Sharon and Rob HAD to ring the bell to celebrate this announcement. As homeowners of FN384, FN325, and FN314 who all now have accepted their home… they needed an excuse to ring the bell for old time’s sake.

Aeroservicios Guerrero Airlines is new to Loreto and offering direct flights to Los Mochis directly across the Sea of Cortez to the mainland. The airfares are approximately 870 pesos one way, and the early afternoon departure times are convenient for a weekend getaway tour. They fly Saturdays and Mondays. Here is my Office Manager, Liliana, with their model plane at their presentation seminar.

Los Mochis is situated 200 km from Culiacan in the State of Sinaloa. The characteristic feature of Sinaloa is the agricultural wealth due to excellent soil and favorable weather. The main crops are vegetables, corn, beans and sugarcane, and the commercial and financial center is Los Mochis. It is also the origin of the railroad route which connects the Sinaloan Coast with the Sierra Tarahumara. (Copper Canyon).

The Airline hosted Loreto’s Hotel Association members to an overnight informational visit. Liliana Telechea represented Nellie’s Place Hotel, along with representatives from Hotel Oasis, Hacienda Suites, Loreto Tourist Association, Loreto News, and others. Liliana told me they had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to taking the flight and also train to Copper Canyon.

This week’s memorable FUN event was me as First Mate with Captain Chino taking out our friends on REEL TROUBLE. It was a beautiful day and much cooler to be on the water than land. The water was smooth as glass and clear blue, with the backdrop of the islands covered with lush green vegetation. We left about 8 am as our guests were not serious fishermen, but wanted to see the wildlife.

Here’s Lucy (FN314) with Lorna and Ross (FN182) enjoying their coffee as we left the marina. Lorna and Ross are from Calgary so this is an amazing experience to be out on the water and I never get tired to seeing my friends’ faces light up as we see the flying fish skimming across the water. We only caught a couple of smaller fish and released them. It was a little late for much to be biting and we did not see any sailfish or marlin jumping today.

It was a lazy day, but thrilling as we all sat on the bow of the boat and saw hundreds of dolphins coming towards us as far as we could see on the horizon. We spent at least an hour cruising around them as they came and played with the boat, occasionally it looked like they would turn to look at us and wave, or jump in front of the boat to entertain us. We also saw manta rays and pilot whales close up.

We headed over to Coronado Island to see the seals, or are they sea lions?? Anyways, they sat up and barked at us and we were able to get very close. The water is deep and crystal clear. We saw schools of hundreds of colorful fish and can understand why this is such a popular spot for the seals. Going over to the sandy beach side of the island where we will not disturb or interrupt any wildlife, Robert and Ronnie could not jump into the water fast enough. They nick named me “Dream Maker” because this was an incredible day beyond their expectations.

Everyone jumped in the water, snorkeled and got refreshed after having front row seats in the sun to see all wildlife for hours on end. We had a picnic lunch on board, and then it was back in the water using the life vests as water chairs so that we could sit up, relax, and drink beer. There was lots of laughter as we schemed and had a Think-Tank session as entrepreneurs inevitably do when having a good time. How positively decadent!

There are many people coming in October and November, so make sure you let me know so we can book your special party at Nellie`s Place, and reserve the boat too!

Have a great week!


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