Boats, Goats, and Sandy Beaches ... only in Loreto!

In celebration of BajaBOSS’s first anniversary of business, we took the staff out for a day on REEL TROUBLE. From left to right, we have Jeanny, who manages all my operations and oversees our legal work; Adriana, is our fabulous new accountant and is thoroughly meticulous about collections; Yolanda is a great friend and has helped us in many difficult areas; Abril is a full time Executive Assistant for one of our clients; Don Andres has diligently watched over our building and hotel guests since the beginning; and Virginia is our new legal intern.

It is amazing to me how many local Loreotanos have never been on the water or seen the islands and wildlife up close. The group was thrilled to be out on this beautiful day, the water was like glass and it was a perfect 80 degrees. We started drinking cervezas at 10 am, which prompted laughter and chatter all day long. Don Andres was a little disappointed we did not fish… but that requires setting off at 6 am, which is too early for most women.

We cruised past the white sandy beaches of Coronado to see the Sea Lions and then headed south to Pt. Escondido in hopes of seeing the big whales. It is late in the season and most have left the area, but we were lucky to have spotted 2 whales that came by the boat to say Adios before they quickly went on their way.

The fishing has been más o menos, we saw many yellowtail jumping on the surface but by the time we reached them, they had swam away and no longer biting. It seems that the jurel this year are breaking records at 20 to 40 lbs, and my friend showed me a photo of an 80 lb. Amberjack that he had caught last week. I brought in this cochito who was hanging out at the bottom near the rocks, and it was delicious!

Josh, Scott and I set out for a 3 hour day tour on REEL TROUBLE with Captain Chino to find yet another hidden cove to explore. It was a beautiful sunny day and not another boat in sight for miles or hours. After cruising an hour, Chino took us to a large Bay with white sand beach and few humble dwellings that the locals called home. We hopped on a panga to take us ashore and felt like city slickers. There was a silent announcement even among the animals that strangers had invaded their tranquility.

It is always surprising for me to see the lush green foliage that springs up in the middle of the desert, just steps away from the salt water beaches. An oasis of life in the middle of nothingness, and when one takes the time to notice … life eternal springs forth and jumps in front of you. The different varieties and colors of flora were more stunning against the backdrop of barren mountains and endless oceans.

The first scouts to come and check us out were the baby goats or kids. They were curious as can be at the tall white figures of Josh and Scott and immediately began jumping on them and playing around their feet without fear. We were having trouble walking without tripping or stepping on these kids, and I am sure many of them wanted to adopt Josh and keep him … must have been female goats!

The bigger goats came running after a little while when they saw it was safe, and we even saw a couple of spotted pigs that I am sure thought they were goats. It made us all laugh the way they surrounded us almost like paparazzi in an effort to touch us and get close. Luckily they were all very small otherwise it would have been a little intimidating as they came at us from all different directions and seemingly from nowhere.

Then the cows took notice and slowly got up from their siestas in the sun to have a look. They all started towards their fenced pen and as we got closer, we realized it was not secure and they were actually vying to all get through the opening. Oh well, time to change directions and head back to the beach.

Then the children came slowly following us from a safe distance while the goats continued to run between our feet. By the time we reached the beach, the children felt safe and wanted to strike up a conversation but not knowing what to say. So we made small talk and then they each picked up a kid goat and it was so adorably cute. I took their picture and showed them on my digital camera. They were all smiles at seeing themselves, but alias there was no way for me to email them a photo.

After we had seen all we came to see, and ventured as far as was within respectful boundaries, we headed back to the boat and bid all “hasta luego” which means see you soon. We have every intention to coming back and enjoying their slice of heaven on earth. Perhaps, next time the adults will venture out and share a cerveza and conversation with us now that the animals and kids have given us the two thumbs up.

For local entertainment I went out to watch and support the Loreto Bay Basketball team play against the locals in the downtown auditorium. It was a great game full of rivalry, good fun, and as the game went on the score was closer and closer. It was quite heated by the end of the 3rd quarter, and the 4th quarter was action packed. The “visitors” which were the Loreto Bay team won the game in the last 30 seconds with a score of 71 to 65.

Mañana does not mean tomorrow … it just means "not today'. However, there are things that get done at an amazing pace. For example, they started clearing the section beside the highway, had it asphalted and paved, complete with painted lines, and open ready for detour traffic all within a week! Every day I would return home to Nopolo from downtown, I was stunned at the progress. Be careful as you come over the last hill towards the turnoff, as you must make an immediate left … otherwise you will plummet over the hill and crash into signs and equipment ... and it will not be pretty.

They have all the rebar and heavy equipment in place to start a new bridge over the arroyo just before you get to the turnoff into Nopolo. The rains come in August, so I am guessing the bridge will be completed before then. Many people do not realize there is no such place as Loreto Bay. It is the name of the development which is situated in the area of Nopolo. If you say that you live in Loreto Bay, it would be the same as saying you live in the Hilton rather than the area it is located.

That’s all to report this week. It is all a blur, but stayed tuned … for tomorrow is a brand new day, full of promise and surprise. Have a great week.


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