Baja California Sur Ferry Crossing – Santa Rosalia to Guaymas

This week has rated 99 out of a 100 from an opportunity and recognition point of view on a professional level. There is much work to do, and brilliant strategic planning is required. This is difficult to do when personally I just want to sleep and awake without a care in the world.

My lifestyle is such that I find myself riding a wave much larger than I have ever encountered and imagined possible. The potential for the adventure of a lifetime is in the moment, the chances of crashing are enormous. I am speaking metaphorically about my personal experiences only. I did take time to exhale this week and was quickly slapped by the cold water of reality. Oh well, just get up again and continue on. No time to dwell on What If’s when there is no land beneath your feet.

I want to share with you a film shot on REEL TROUBLE last fall. It will be aired on either Sci-Fi or Discovery Channel and the show is called Guinea Pig.

Thank you to Gary and Cynthia Gantz for being my guest blogger this week. I asked them to write about their experiences on the ferry to mainland Mexico as I thought this would be of particular interest. It is always good information to get others’ prospective on the drive down Baja, ferry crossings, or outdoor adventures. Thanks for giving me the day off!

Just a few lines to tell you about our trip from beautiful Loreto to Santa Rosalia and the ferry ride to Guaymas.

First of all, we booked everything with Ana the concierge at the Inn at Loreto Bay. She was wonderful and very helpful when we had any questions about the ferry. She gave us all the info we needed before hand and told us that we couldn't actually book it any sooner than 3 days before. We wanted to leave on Friday, February 29th. She called the ferry company on Tuesday the 26th and booked our crossing. The price was $248 USD for our car and $55 USD each for Cynthia and me. They advertise first class cabins and shared cabins but they seemed to be only selling Saloon Adult tickets for $55 USD each. For that you sit in a large fairly comfortable room with 2 TV's showing movies. Also there is a snack counter with sodas, beer and small snacks. We sat on deck for our crossing as it was a beautiful day with calm seas. They advertise the crossing as being 8 hours, leaving at 9:00AM. It takes 10 hours not 8 hours to cross, getting into Guaymas at about 7:00PM. We actually left at 9:20AM and got into Guaymas at 7:20PM.

Now back to our ride from Loreto to Santa Rosalia. We left a little later than we wanted (a little after 4:00PM). Great ride up the beautiful Baja getting into Santa Rosalia at about 6:50PM. Also, Ana mentioned that if we got there before 7:00PM we could purchase our tickets then and not have to be at ferry terminal so early in the AM. As I said we got into town at 6:50. I was worried that the ticket office would be closed but it was open and we purchased our tickets. They had a list and our names were on it and there was no problem getting the tickets. They accept Visa or cash only. No AMEX or any other cards at this time.

Please note that the ferry from Santa Rosalia to Guaymas is a daytime crossing. The ferry from Guaymas to Santa Rosalia is at night. Right now the ferry to Guaymas leaves Friday morning at 9:00AM and one or two other mornings. These days could change so make sure to check. Again, the crossings from Santa Rosalia are in the morning.

We tried to get a room at the Hotel Frances, but it was full. We stayed at a much smaller hotel, but that was OK as well. Recommend the Hotel Frances if you can get it.

The total cost for our car (or pick-ups up to 17 feet 8 inches) and the two of us: $358 USD. We figure this saves at least a couple of nights in a hotel and many driving miles on our car. We crossed the border at Nogales in Arizona on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The ferry terminal is on the right just before you make a left into Santa Rosalia. It also seems to be the bus station. This picture will show what the terminal looks like, the ferry, holding maybe 10 or so cars and small trucks. It is not as big as we expected. Again, all went well. Just make sure you call the ferry first to book your reservation. There is a way to do it on line, but Ana at the INN was so very helpful.

We hope all is well with you and we hope to see you when we get back to Loreto. Maybe sometime in May. We had a great time with you and everyone else at Greg and Gina's on the Sunday before we left.

Any questions, ask away.

Best wishes,
Gary and Cynthia Gantz (#497)


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