Del Borracho in Loreto is Open for Business Again!

The highlight of my week was having lunch at Del Borracho Saloon located just off the main highway 5 minutes from downtown Loreto on the road to San Javier. Mike and Chole took the summer off to work on their guest cabins and marketing the Western Style Resort and we sure missed them! They have the best hamburgers, salads and soups north of La Paz! Great food, reasonable prices, friendly service, and a place where everyone knows your name! Drop by and see Mike’s newest Hedge Dragster ... before it takes off!

Many of you know my right hand person in business, Jeanny Pinedo. Over the past 3 years, Jeanny and I have lived and learned a lifetime of education about doing business in Mexico and specifically Loreto, Baja. We are still laughing, albeit much wiser. While I had a sabbatical this summer, Jeanny has been busy being a new mom and has a brand new baby girl named Lucile to keep little Pedro company. We had her Baby Shower at Del Borracho and there is not a better place for a party in a relaxed comfortable setting.

Jeanny is now doing business under her own company BCS Baja Consulting. She is sharing an office with my Accountant Adriana Drew, and their office is on H. de Independencia esq. Ignacio Allende near the Police Station. Adriana also owns the Stationery Store at Quatro Altos (4 stop corner at Independencia and Benito Jueves). It was great to see Yolanda who is looking great! She is the Director of DIF which is a government agency rehabilitating and helping those in need. Many of you helped out with contributions towards her home and I am pleased to say that it is “almost” finished and furnished. Yolanda and her family are enjoying it very much! Thanks!!

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now

Alan Lakein
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Congratulations to Bill and Julie Thompson on having the first custom home completed in Aqua Viva! Slightly more than a year ago, Bill and Julie took control of their fate and investment by hiring Finton Construction to build their custom home and Loreto dream. Now they have a beautiful reality that they can enjoy, even in the midst of organized chaos.

I was invited to view the home by Robin Donaldson. I commend Santa Barbara Architects Shubin & Donaldson on never giving up, continuing to promote, invest, and turn the Loreto Bay vision into solid quality homes for many custom owners. It has been five years that they have regularly come to Loreto, supported the local economy, and bought a Loreto Bay custom lot in 2005, to be a part of something great.

This is Finton Construction Mexico’s first completed home. Robin Donaldson, Russell Shubin, John Finton and Daniel Tontini are all equal partners in this construction company. Together they provide architects and builders with collectively well over 100 years custom home experience building in Loreto Bay. They are completely independent of any builders associated with Loreto Bay. They have their own construction crews and provide local training with US trained supervisors on the job to keep the highest quality standards.

The Thompson home was completed in thirteen months from start to finish, as promised by Finton. The 2600 sq. ft. home is simple in design with true courtyard living to bring the outdoors inside. It is open on two sides on the canal and designed to make the most of the views, yet maintaining privacy and practical living.

Having resided in Victoria, Seattle, Scottsdale and Loreto, I am not impressed easily. What I noticed immediately walking through the home was the quality of finishes and functionality that most people overlook. There is a 4000 gallon cistern that provides steady water pressurization. It is actually built in and properly plumbed to be esthetically pleasing and efficient.

The air conditioning units are Daikin which are recognized globally as top of the line … and again are built in and hidden from view behind these cabinet doors. All cabinet doors are well made and slide smoothly, with quality door handles that will not break or loosen within a few weeks. These extra touches are an indication of the quality that Finton maintains for its customers. Their contract price reflects their standards and is good value if you are looking for the very best.

I toured some of the other Finton homes under construction and was most impressed how clean and organized they were. Robin tells me that he has a night watchman on every home they have under construction for security. I have been through every home in Founders Neighborhood several times during construction and never have I seen one with so few flaws as the Finton homes.

The simple pleasure of appreciating the level door frame; smooth finished plaster; ceiling lights centered and all rough in plumbing and electrical is properly enclosed. This was a spontaneous tour, and still there was no garbage or debris anywhere on the site.

This custom home on the golf course has a grand rock wall that leads into a circular courtyard. They are using a special high end acrylic paint that is amazingly smooth to the touch, look and feel of the interior spaces. The circular fountain will showcase the backdrop of the mountain views beautifully.

We had more rain last week than during Hurricane Jimena. As a Property Manger, I appreciate the smooth clean finish of the membrane on this roof that goes up the walls so there is no water seepage between the joints. Anyways, the rain has made the mountains and surrounding areas more lush and green that I have seen for many years. There are many fat cows, horses and their babies feeding near the highway, so please slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Only Loreto Bay homeowners really know about the vision, lifestyle, and passion that evoked them to buy in the first place. It is easy to stand on the sidelines and offer comments, criticisms, and the ever abundant hindsight, if you never believed enough to buy here in the first place. It is not something that one can explain easily. Like many great things in life, you can not rationalize it. It is not for everyone, but the dream is still alive and well thanks to the sheer determination of many homeowners. We welcome everyone to our community.

Have a great week!
Miss Nellie

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