It is raining in Loreto! Warm and Refreshing!

This has been a very busy week and so many things have been accomplished that my head is spinning. Yet, typical Loreto style, not much of this matters. It’s just another day in paradise and we enjoy the moment.

We had some beautiful weather earlier this week, and I was invited on a yacht to take photos of Loreto Bay from the water. You can see the many beach front homes taking shape and that is exciting. More people are now taking advantage of the downturn to build homes at realistic prices and without the many guidelines and burdens of dealing with Loreto Bay Company. We should see 4 more beachfront homes completed in 2009.

The INN is open to the public, but the operations are very sad. If you have very low expectations, then you will not be disappointed. There is a minimal staff, many of whom work from 6am to 11 pm for very little wages. They are short staffed since there are few visitors or guests at the moment. If they do happen to get a busy spell of 5 tables in the restaurant, do not be alarmed if you see the Head of Housekeeping or the Maintenance appear to be your waiter. Just smile, accept that they are trying to help, and tip generously!

The new airport is fully open and operational. My friend Jesus is the new airport manager and gave me a tour. He is very happy to be in Loreto and takes great pride that this will become an important part of the future of Loreto. This airport is much more beautiful than Cabo San Lucas, complete with areas for retail shops, car rental stations, and both domestic and international gates.

Pedro Lopez from Porto Bello Restaurant in Pt. Escondido has opened a new restaurant at the airport. It is beautiful and open 7 days a week from 8:30 am to 4 pm. This is a great place to meet friends for breakfast or lunch, or grab a quick panani sandwich to go for your flight. His menu is the same as Porto Bello and reasonable.

Pedro is getting much local support which is very important. It is a casual meeting place, elegant, and relaxing with a touch of class and fully air conditioned. There are a couple of couches that can seat groups of 8 comfortably for drinks or meeting friends before your flight. Please support Pedro and the airport, and tell him Nellie says Hi!

This week we had some magnificent thunder and lightening storms, which lowered the temperatures below 80 degrees. It was nice to see the rain and feel the tranquil ambiance that it brings. Everything seems to have been washed and clean. There is no dust flying about and it is very peaceful.

Our team was busy checking the houses, and we were amused about the many side gardens being flooded. So typical of Loreto Bay construction, which does no harm but doesn’t make a lot sense either. Luckily it only rains 8 days a year! There are many interesting things if one is only aware. I was checking this home where the side garden was under 6 inches of rain. It’s just water and will evaporate in a couple of days.

I saw out of the corner of my eye something large move very fast. On a closer look, I was surprised that it was a crab?! This is in a home behind a walled gate, on the other side of the paseo no where near the beach. How did it get here? Did the wind bring it over the wall… does it fly? Anyways, I left it alone and hopefully it will find its way back to where it belongs. Otherwise, we may have to go to the garden to pick crabs for dinner?

This is the season for bugs … the cockroaches grow to a couple of inches in size and actually fly! There are large spiders with spots that look like black widows, but they are not poisonous… however, you don’t want them laying hundreds of eggs in your home. There are crickets, ants, termites, and yes the infestation of mosquitoes, along with many other varieties of crawly things. The grasshoppers and butterflies will come soon. The absence of bats and dragonflies is noticeable as they feed on mosquitoes. Even with regular pest control spraying; it doesn’t seem to have much effect without Mother Nature’s predators.

The streets were deserted in Loreto Bay yesterday as most workers stayed home and took a rain day. However, it was good to see Security out in their rain gear patrolling the common areas. We see so few people in Nopolo these days that when we do, it’s always a cause to stop and greet each other with friendly smiles and take a moment to chat. Isn’t this why we all want to live here?

Have a great week!

Miss Nellie

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