Slow News Week in Loreto, Mexico

This has been another bright and sunny week in Loreto. Hurricane Rick was downgraded to a tropical storm and missed Loreto completely. We had some wind but no rain, and it is back to perfect warm days with gentle breezes. The community pool is always so inviting and at this time of year still a wonderful 80 degrees.

They did take down the thermometer that always displays minus 30 degrees C. I guess the joke got old after a long hot summer?! Loreto Bay has now posted Pool Rules, which can be viewed on my property management site at for those that live here.

I have had my head down and focused on team meetings with both my Baja BOSS Property Managers and our Dorado Properties Real Estate team that are arriving back to Loreto for the winter. So, not much to write about this week …

The main buzz in Loreto Bay was around the Community Pool where people made new friends and met their neighbors. There was an impromptu happy hour on Friday which was nice to chat in a relaxed setting. The men left earlier as hunger set in, but the girls (Lindsay, Jennifer, Lorna, and Lorene) just kept drinking and telling naughty jokes.

Happy Birthday to Patti McNulty! She is looking radiant with friends Dale and Loretta at her side. There was much laughter and it was still early when I left, so not sure what the late night plans were. It was a very nice crowd and everyone was positive enjoying the beginnings of our community forming.

The party was at the home of Mike and Sue Matthews on the poolside. They had it catered complete with Sangria and Mexican appetizers. Tables were set up outside and people mingled in and out of their home, which has undergone some very nice renovations. People passing by were all invited to join in and it was an easy going atmosphere.

Many homeowners are returning for longer stays now that it is approaching winter in many northern climates. It is good to see familiar faces and hearty hellos. A few of us ventured over to the INN for dinner. There was a large table of 12 people who were on an off road racing tour, which was great to see. It kept the one waiter and cook hopping, but as long as the cervezas were flowing, no one seemed to mind.

My friend Alfredo Rosas, formally the GM of INN is now the Sales & Marketing Manager of La Mision Hotel. He called to let me know they were having a Halloween party on October 31st. Unfortunately, I will not in Loreto this week but it should be a lot of fun. Check it out!

Where in the World is Nellie? Quien Sable?!

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