Meet the Whales Video and Moments of Reflection

Over the past few weeks I have had many people come up to me and thank me for writing my blog. Everyone seems to know about it and the comments range from good entertainment, curiosity, even the most reliable source of information on Loreto. Where In The World Is Nellie has 500 visits each week, every week and readership continues to grow.

This is more than a little overwhelming since I am not publishing a newspaper, but rather a journal of my personal experiences. Life is not always as it seems, yet now I must be very careful that I do not express an opinion, or a trite comment, that can be taken out of context and used to support those few critics that want to create negative energy about me, local development, or this place. Yet, I refuse to be mediocre and give in to the temptation of writing about superficial happenings that would do nothing more than support egos and paint a two dimensional canvas of the vast life experiences here.

Since I began my businesses in Loreto in October 2006, I have felt in the middle of a thick jungle forest, where we hack through the bush trying to find the way. Each week is 6 steps forward and 4 or 5 back. On a good week, it is 11 steps forward and 8 back. We have made incredible strides and progress, but it is only through sheer determination, tenacity, and never taking a break long enough to interrupt the momentum of change. This has been a physically, mentally, and emotionally draining exercise just to seek the right path that will lead me and my team to the light. I am exhausted beyond definition and most of the adrenaline that I have been operating on for the past several months is just about spent.

God helps those that help themselves. I believe in the power of intention, karma, and that there is a higher spiritual power that I can not define but am sure has assigned me the dream team of Guardian Angels that watch over me. Over the last month, I have “put out there” what I need, what I want, and why. These desires are not tangible and nothing specific that I can ask of friends or colleagues, more they are wishes of clarity to understand my purpose and objectives.

If you read my early entries, you will know that I arrived in Loreto for the first time in November 2003, and within 15 minutes I knew without a doubt that this was my destiny and I had no choice but to be here. I still have no idea why? It could be to make a difference to the growth and development of the area; it could be to make a difference to one child; or it simply could be a stepping stone to take me somewhere else?

I have felt a very strong shift of energy surrounding me this week. Nothing much different happened, it was a regular week like most. Yet somehow, I feel that we moved 20 steps forward and none back. Almost as though I have come over the edge and am standing on a plateau in the sunlight. I am apprehensive as this is a unique sense of calm that has not been part of my life for the past several years. I am waiting to exhale, as I am holding my breath in anticipation for the moment when I am snapped back an abrupt 18 steps. Surely this will cause whiplash and injury if I let my guard down and am not prepared. So … I wait and watch to see what happens next. Quien Sabe

In the meantime, I share with you a beautiful video taken by my friend Jane Lurie of the whales.

Seeing these beasts of beauty simply greet us, without fear, intimidation or purpose is a humbling reminder that we are relatively insignificant in the grand scheme and that the only thing that truly matters is that we live each moment well enough to be able to support the next good day. Years of good days will leave a legacy to those that we encounter, just like the whales.

This is my blog, these are my thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less.


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