PRD Political Party united in support of Loreto, Mexico

On February 3rd, 2008, all the cities of Mexico were having their municipal elections for their new Presidente, or more commonly known to us as the Mayor. Most of us were consuming beer and watching the Superbowl Game. However in Mexico, NO alcohol was allowed to be served or sold within 24 hours of the voting times. A few local Loreto drinking establishments had to get special licenses to serve the non-Mexicans since they could not vote. Here’s a photo of Alfredo Rosas, General Manager of the INN at Loreto Bay and the incumbent Presidente, Yuan Yee.

Yuan Yee of the PRD party won by a huge majority. PRD won 54.3% of the votes in Loreto, compared to 20.7% for the PAN party of the previous administration. In fact, the PRD is now in all districts throughout all of Baja California Sur and this is the same political party as the Governor of the State. Hopefully, good things will happen to this area now that the state and municipal authorities are all the same political party.

Presidente Yee will take office May 1st, 2008 for a one time term of 3 years. The Governor of the State and the President of Mexico is also a one time term for 6 years. Yolanda worked very hard for Yuan Yee’s campaign and it will be interesting to watch as he assembles his council and see how he accomplishes all his campaign promises. As soon as we can, I will have a meeting with him and report back to you on his thoughts and objectives.

Happy Birthday Cholie! Last Saturday, Mike and Cholie had a grand birthday rock ‘n roll party celebration at Del Borracho Saloon. There isn’t a person in Loreto that doesn’t love Mike & Cholie and appreciate all they have done for this community. Their good spirits, positive Can Do Attitude and great home cooking are well known.

Now their reputation for having great parties is also becoming legendary. It was another beautiful sunny day and the wind cooperated and did not blow. Del Borracho was open for regular breakfast on Saturday morning and then the partiers starting arriving at 2 pm and by 4 pm the place was packed both inside and out.

It was great to see so many people from different social, economic and diverse backgrounds chatting, dancing and getting to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. There were many local Mexicans, long time ex-pat residents, new homeowners, and children were welcome too. There was a large group of Harley motorcyclists that rode up from Los Cabos and many of them joined the fun.

Mike and Cholie served food on the house and people patiently lined up for delicious heapings of ribs, chicken, pasta salad and coleslaw. A true Western BBQ like no other! It was the largest Receiving Line I have seen in Baja as everyone conveyed their feliz cumpleaƱos and best wishes to Cholie. Of course hugs and kisses were in order for the occasion.

They had two bands playing. The “backup” band made up of young local men were entertaining outside and getting everyone ready for the “main event” band playing inside. I admit that I do not know the band’s name, but they ROCK!! The band members are very talented and known by their “day lives” throughout the community. They have a great time and the dance floor was still packed when I left about 9 pm. Thanks again to Del Borracho Saloon. Mike and Cholie – you created another great memory!!

As to what is happening in business … BajaBOSS was visited this week by the Directors of Banorte Bank. Their Trust Services Team including the Director Adolfo Gonzalez Olhovich from Mexico City, Ernesto Fragoso MontaƱo, Sub-Director from Tijuana, and Jorge Pickett Hernandez, Fiduciario for Baja California Sur, wanted to meet us to discuss Banorte having a presence in Loreto for doing Trust Services. Many Banks now see the opportunity of Loreto and want to get in on the ground floor of new developments. It is important that they meet key players that will be instrumental to their successful integration of services for foreigners. Banorte has done over 9000 fideicomisos and we promised to try them out and see how they compare with the others.

The roads in Loreto are “almost” completed and it is nice to see an end to the large potholes and construction zone that we have lived through for almost a year. The stamped red concrete on the main streets is very attractive and once they are clean will be very impressive for locals and visitors alike. Many entrepreneurs are finding out that there is business in Loreto. Each week there is a new restaurant, taco stand or service being offered by Mexicans. There was a large trailer of carpets parked and about six guys were walking these rugs around town for sale. They had them displayed and they were very colorful. I felt that if they gave away vacuums, they would sell the carpets out in a few days!!

We still have a very strong interest from buyers for this area in all price ranges. Greg and Gina own the Bull River Guest Ranch in Cranbook, British Columbia and fell in love with Loreto and want to be part of this community. Hopefully, we will see them soon in Loreto and in the meantime check out and visit them if you are in that area. They got right into the lifestyle here by inviting neighbors, Gary & Cynthia Gant, Gary & Mary Mix, Doug & Ann Brown, and me for humongous cowboy steaks and lots of beer and wine. It was an all day party and very fun!

The US market has not had a significant impact on this area except that all Buyers want a “deal” and the sellers here are not in a position where they need to bargain much. DORADO LORETO PROPERTIES is pleased to announce 3 new listings at Loreto Bay. Check out our website to see what they are and how they compare to your home?

Many friends are coming to visit in the last 2 weeks of March. Let me know if you are coming to town, and maybe we can have a get together or go out on our boat See you in Loreto!


casadel said…
The presidents of Mexico, Philipe Calderon, is a member of the PAN Party.

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