Feliz Semana Santa – Happy Easter!

This week started off with Jane and Sharon (FN203) hosting a sit down dinner party for 18 friends and neighbors in their new home. Here we are with their friends Terry and Dan having the usual late night kitchen party. Their home is beautiful with lots of vibrant colors, elegant furniture, and courtyard fountain giving a tranquil ambience to the excited chatter and laughter inside.

Peter & Ariel (FN44) and Bill & Mia (FN311) were enjoying their meal in the courtyard and raving about what a great day they had on our boat REEL TROUBLE. Together with Rich & Jean, they set out on a 4 hour cruise and had an amazing time enjoying the water, islands, and wildlife. All of them were expounding the virtues of Captain Chino, particularly how well he speaks English, and how friendly and knowledgeable he is, as he maneuvered the waters to show them a different side of Loreto.

Nancy & Del (FN423), and Dee Wise (FN63) along with the hosts are sitting around the living room where we were treated to the international premier of Jane’s first video made and edited in Loreto, entitled “Jane, Sharon, Dan and Terry Meet the Gray Whales”. This was a beautiful 3 minute film clip that was truly touching to the soul and made all of us remember the moment when we too were greeted by these giant gentle creatures of nature.

Boyd & Camille (FN22), Rich & Jean (FN105) and Chuck & Marsha (AV61) were here too and we all had the pleasure of watching “Lost and Found in Mexico” a documentary by Caren Cross. It is a simple tale of how one woman came to visit and become totally engaged in the easy life offered by San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She had a nice life in the USA and was not unhappy, but somehow got lost … and found herself in all ways that matter in Mexico. All of us in the room could well relate to the story, although to put the explanations into words is difficult for those that have never experienced being Lost and Found to comprehend. We have enough characters in our neighborhood and this town to make quite a film also! Imagine the stories would be endless and so interesting to those that took the time to listen.

This is considered Holy Week in Mexico and the largest holiday after Christmas. The town is full of Mexicans traveling with their families, foreigners here for spring break, Holland America Cruise Ship visiting, and Nellie’s Place Hotel is full of interesting guests. In fact every hotel in town is 100% occupied and there are no rooms available anywhere. Every restaurant is full with reservations, and the market shelves are bare as people have stocked up on ice, soda, beer, snacks, and all things fun for a 3 day fiesta.

Ronnie Kovach was in Loreto filming for his Fox Sports Network show – Fishing Ventures shown at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings on FSN West. Ronnie and I were out with Harry, the owner of AVET Reels on Reel Trouble for 9 hours with Chino chasing the fish, and the camera crew capturing all the action on film. There were a couple of big ones that got away, but we managed to score some Yellow Tail Jurel and even a Sierra, which we believe was quite lost as they are not supposed to be here this time of year. If there are fish… Ronnie will find them!

Check out http://www.fishingexpeditions.com/html/viva_loreto.html for more information on Ronnie’s shows, fishing in Loreto, and stay tuned for more info on the Largest Panga Tournament in Baja to be held in Loreto September 18 to 21, 2008. This is put on by the Hotel Association of Loreto and there will be over $30,000 USD in cash prizes PLUS $10,000 in merchandize prizes. It will be Grand Slam for Dorado, Marlin/Sailfish, and Yellowfin Tuna. REEL TROUBLE will be the Tournament Boat and I will be sending out more information very soon.

The Baja Experience was formed by veteran racers Chris Lucas and Eric Place. Lucas and Place possess a vast amount of racing experience ranging all the way from Indy Cars to Trophy Trucks, and are now bringing their fun adventures to Loreto, Baja California Sur. Eric Place was here touring with a group for 4 days and it was a wild ride. Everywhere they go, people are interested and want to know more. Baja LOVES racing! Check out: www.thebajaexp.com for more information.

I always get a kick when I drive up to my office and see the sun glistening off the deep blue water and Carmen Island on my left and then I see these race trucks parked in front of my building. Every day is full of extremes and becoming Loreto-ized means accepting all for what it is. With everyone on vacation this week, I have been working from 5 am until 11 pm everyday and am totally exhausted. On one hand, I am entertaining celebrities and major clients, and on the other, I am schlepping ice and lunches for the boat and cleaning hotel rooms as we even have people camped on our conference room floor, just so they don’t have to sleep in their cars!

It is a Dog’s Life in Loreto. I always love to see these two stray dogs that have been living in Loreto Bay for years. They are fed and watered by the homeowners, petted by the construction workers, and free to roam and play all night long. They have no masters and the entire development is their home. Some would say that the dogs that sleep in comfort in their owner’s homes may have a better life, but they are leased, locked in behind doors, and sometimes left alone for hours. Quien Sabe … To Each His Own, even if you are a dog!

While I was on my way to the boat at 6:15 am, I had to stop and take these photos of the moon setting between the mountains before me, and the incredible sunrise behind me. This is another example of extreme beauty and differences that come together and collide as one in a place that many of us want to call home. I stop and smell the roses everyday, and then get on with life. There is so much of it here.

Have a great week!


Aniko Sherry said…
Hello, Nellie - We love to read about the true dimension of Loreto.

I and my husband had a great time in Loreto. Enjoyed staying in your hotel, to stroll to the harbor and to meet the locals.

Thanks for blogging.

Aniko and Richard Sherry
FN 363

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