Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fresh Starts in Loreto …

The weather has changed in the last week and has dipped below 80 degrees during the day with bright sunny skies. The storm season is over and now we enjoy putting on a sweater in the evenings. I can now actually be outside to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, and greet the many walkers and workers in the early hours.

This week Baja Onsite General Store opened in the old Farmacia location in Loreto Bay. The store is owned and operated by Evan and Julie Fager. They stock all the convenience items we have been wishing for … beer, soft drinks, groceries, cleaning supplies, used books and video rentals. They have swifter mops, hoses, wireless door chimes … make sure you check with them for what you need before heading into town. They may just have it … and pick up a 6 pack while you are there! It is a leap of faith to take on the overhead of renting space and purchasing inventory, so please drop by and support them, both financially and with your appreciation. Please contact for any inquires.

Another entrepreneur in Loreto Bay is Peter Boddy of PJB Design Studio. Peter and I have been friends since the beginning days of Loreto Bay when we shared an office in Scottsdale. No exaggeration when I say many of us worked 70+ hours a week for years, along with hundreds of others that would come and go to share the vision. For those remaining, we still love what we do, and are lucky to be able to live here.

PJB Design Studio can be found on the main boulevard in Loreto Bay just a few doors down from the Baja Onsite General Store. I am enclosing a photo because this is Loreto and there is no signage, and whatever numbers there are … do not make any sense! Drop by and say hello to Peter and find out more about his creative and innovative architectural design solutions.

This year more owners are take possession of their homes, furnishing them, and plan to spend more time here. Thinking of customizing your Village Home, both interior spaces and courtyard gardens … this is what Peter does best. Since Peter was involved with the Design process in Loreto Bay from the beginning, he truly understands the conceptual plans.

The finishing touches are what turn any house into a home. These include water features, ironwork, using color to create ambiance and dimension, landscaping and courtyards with cook centers and pergola shade areas. Unique outdoor living elements are what set Loreto Bay apart from other developments.

Peter is very responsive and has excellent communication skills. He and his wife, Ariel Klein, have been part of this project for six years and Loreto Bay is their home. When looking for someone to trust with your dream home, look at who is personally vested in Loreto Bay and who will still be here years from now when we are sipping margaritas and laughing about the good old times that we are creating today. You can contact Peter at

Back downtown at my office, they are busy tearing up the Loreto Municipal Square. This hole seems to be larger than most swimming pools I have seen here, but in fact it is for a new gazebo, with a semi circle fountain surrounding it. Why is it so deep?? Quien Sabe??
The plans look very nice, and these 3 palm trees have recently been replanted in a row. There will be curved paving stones leading into the Square from the different corners. The old wooden benches are being preserved for lots of seating areas. The workers are confident that it will be completed January 2010. Quien Sabe??

While they have the machinery here, they may as well tear up more streets while they are at it. Planning logic would not have made this the plan when they spent nine months tearing up the existing sidewalk in front of the Hotel Posado del las Flores and my office. What are they doing here and why??? Quien Sabe??

Meanwhile it gets dark about 6 pm now, so make sure you have the necessities of life in Loreto Bay … plenty of wine to share with friends, and a flashlight so they can get home safe. Friends came over with this flashlight, and I was suitably impressed. It gave off more light than many cars here! As I have said before… I amuse easily living la vida loca in Loreto!

On the social scene, many ex Loreto Bay VIPs and guests were in town to attend the wedding of Bob Toubman this weekend at the Hotel Oasis. Congratulations and good wishes to Bob and Elvira for a lifetime filled with happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving to my many American Friends!

Miss Nellie