Dorado Real Estate Opens during Party Week in Loreto!

We had the Grand Opening for our new downtown location of DORADO LORETO Real Estate office on November 11, 2009. Many friends came by to say hello and give us good wishes for the future. The Sales Team of Brad Palen, Dee Wise, Drew McNabb and Ariel Klein were all very pleased with the turnout and it was great to see so many people returning for the winter.

It was also my First 49th Birthday, so there was a delicious cake made by Carol Boyd of the Mediterano Restaurant and plenty of cold cervezas and good cheer to go around. Guests were very complimentary about our new office and those that remembered the old abandoned building appreciated the complete renovation from top to bottom.

Dorado Loreto has opened this season with over 60 Listings in this area. In many instances, prices have dropped 20% to 30% from where they were in 2007. This is reasonable considering the rapid growth and over inflated prices that happened worldwide during the past several years. We have some great deals including a 2 bedroom, 2 bath Casa Chica with tower in Loreto Bay Founders neighborhood for $200,000 USD. Also, we have a large downtown property with boat garage, landscaped and paved yard, and rustic Mexican style home for $250,000.

It was a busy week socially with more residents and visitors arriving. The Alaska planes are full from now to the end of the year and many people are considering driving Baja, or flying to Cabo and then making their way here for the holidays. I enjoyed hanging out with my friend Steve Williams and his buddy Jim Miller who were down doing some repair work on Steve's home.

This weekend we hit another milestone … it was exactly 6 years ago that 52 lots and homes were sold in Cluster 1 of Loreto Bay in 2003. Many of the owners were in residence and we thought it was a great opportunity to get together with friends and pat each other on the back for surviving the worst and looking forward to the future.

Del Borracho Saloon had Mark Tyler, Bruce Wheeler, Jesus Cortez, and Roger Cortez entertaining with their excellent Rock & Roll band. These events only happen a couple of times a year and always get a standing room only turnout. It’s a Main Event to watch these guys play.

Greg Gordon was getting into the groove as he chimed in with his cowbell accompaniment. People were literally screaming along with some of the popular lyrics, throwing their arms in the air, and stomping the floor in time with the music.

It is great to see everyone having fun, laughing and happily mingling with old friends and newcomers alike. Girls just want to have fun! Lots of dancing anywhere people could find a spot … near the pool tables, outside on the deck, at the bar and in their chairs.

The cast of characters from all walks of Loreto come out to party. We have the Harley gang dressed in their leather uniform; long time ex-pats; Mexican locals of all ages; sidekicks in all shapes; and part time residents and visitors all experiencing the best of Loreto.

The most surprising highlight of the evening was the debut performance of a young trio consisting of Miquel, Eddie and Oscar As the startup band, they demonstrated amazing talent and skill as they entertained on drums, guitar, bass. All in the crowd were amazed by the dexterity and passion that these young men displayed. When they played their last set of the evening, all attention was focused entirely on them and they received many standing ovations of appreciation from the crowd.

There is no doubt that Eddie will be a star with the right opportunities. At the awkward young age of 14 years, he commands the drums and symbols with such natural skill that it can only be described as “awesome”. With his first performance this evening, all of Loreto will be watching his future performances.

We were told that Oscar is also14 years old, and has only learned to play the base eight months ago. He will be another up and coming talented musician to watch. Miquel is the most experienced at the ripe ago of 20 years old. He played a few solos and captured the audience’s completed and undivided attention.

Mike and Cholie’s next Rock & Roll party will be at the end of February, 2010. Mark it down on your calendars now to make sure you don’t miss it! The Del Borracho parties are the most fun events in the area! Great hamburgers, cold beer on tap, happy friendly people, and rock & roll…Life doesn’t get any better!

Their staff are all attentive and work very hard to make sure customers are served quickly and the place is constantly cleaned as people move around from table to table. They love the party as much as everyone else and are smiling all the time! Rock & Roll at Del Borracho crosses all cultural, social and economic perceptions and its just a Good Time!

Have a great week!
Miss Nellie

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