Sunday, March 20, 2016

Expansion of our Loreto Bay Homes Rental Program!

The next few weeks will see hundreds of visitors descend upon our tranquil seaside village.  Families of all ages are coming from across Canada with the popular nonstop WestJet Airlines flight from Calgary, Alberta.    Mexican families are coming by car or air with Aereo Calafia from Tijuana; or flying to La Paz from all over Mexico and driving up to the beach communities of Loreto.   Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) is the largest travel vacation week of the year where families get together to enjoy the sun, water and good food and fun.   We have people coming from  USA, Monterrey, Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas to discover Loreto for the first time.   It is all very exciting. 

Loreto Bay Homes started our Rental Program in 2010, in an effort to help owners recover some of their expenses.   In those days it was difficult to rent a home for $50 a night; or $500 a month.   NOW we are renting our good 2 bedroom Chicas for $225 US a night; and may not consider renting our most popular homes for $2500 USD a month as it is not in our Owners best interests. 

There are still some houses that need updating and we continue to work to bring all our homes up to Luxury Standard, which is where the marketplace wants to be. This year in particular, we have had many visitors walk into our offices who are staying at the Loreto Resort (INN) or booked through and have not been happy.   They want to book with us next year as they are surprised to find that our prices are as competitive as the private online rentals, and we offer full Concierge Services and ensure that their vacation is stress free and exceeds their expectations.  
With all this extra demand for rental properties, we are excited to announce that we have joined forces with expert hoteliers who have decades of Hotel Management Experience in Mexico.    This partnership will be able to take our Rental Market to the next level with dedicated professional staff that not only offer great hospitality and guest services; but ensure the homes meet the highest level of amenities and quality condition.    
Our new company is called Ocean Golf and Villa Rentals, and will have a large Reception Office at FN64 Paseo Mision de Loreto; which is across from the Loreto Golf Clubhouse and located in the center of Loreto Bay.   This office will be open 7 days a week for Guest Services; and booking tours, taxis, spa treatments, golf packages, and much more.  
We are pleased to welcome  Maggie daSilva, who is our Administrator of Rental Program.   Maggie is extremely qualified as a Manager and has worked decades in the Customer Service Industry in Canada.    Maggie has been living in Loreto for the past 3 years and truly is looking forward to sharing experiences to ensure that our visitors have a wonderful time and look forward to coming back soon.   Maggie is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.    Her email is    and her cell phone number is 613 113 0598.   
We have just approved the budget for expanded marketing to include Tour Operators and Wholesalers; internet and print advertising; and trade shows in strategic cities to increase awareness and premier destination marketing.    
In addition, we will have a Reservations Office and Call Center in Las Vegas; with 1-800 number for easy inquiries and reservations in English.   All rental deposits and tour bookings will be taken through a secure credit card processing system; and there will be online accounting for Owners to see their reservations and account status.   

All of these benefits and features are available to all owners in Loreto Bay that want to be part of our Rental Program for a low 2 year membership fee of $255 USD.       Owners can keep their existing Property Managers so there is continuity and ensuring that the homes have the very best maintenance and care possible.  

For more information, contact Maggie daSilva today!   During this summer we will be ramping up our promotions and setting up our offices and new team so that we are fully ready for next October 2016. 

"A Warm Smile is the Universal Language of Kindness"
William Arthur Ward