Sunday, March 13, 2016

Good Morning from Loreto! 
Spring is in the air, and it is another beautiful day in Loreto. I was out for an early morning walk seeking writer's inspiration Wandering through the residential areas of Aqua Viva (AV) certainly gave me an appreciation of how far we have come in only a few years since that fateful day of June 6, 2009.   

It always seems slower to those that are living the progress every day, and we tend to focus too much on the TO DO items left unfinished I was happy to take the time to stop and soak in the beauty and relish in the accomplishments of the AV Owners and the business people that helped them to obtain the dream and life in paradise.  

While I was neck deep in our own issues in Founders Neighborhood (FN), I would often have AV friends come asking my opinion on what they should do, and if I thought it was worth the further investment.  I always encouraged them to hang in there and said that AV would one day be the premier place to live in Loreto Bay.   My favorite quote during those dark years was ...
"In the End Everything Will Be OK; If it is not OK, it is not the End"    
Congratulations my friends ... the End is very much in sight and it is ALL OK!  

Having grown up in Victoria, B.C. which is the Flower Capital of Canada, I am not easily impressed or awestruck by flora.    However, the boulevards of Aqua Viva are seriously breathtaking.   Meandering along curved paths and off the beaten track, you will find secret gardens and open spaces with mature plantings. 

In every direction the homes are quality construction; often times larger than FN as owners negotiated for vacant lots next door and incorporated them into their construction.   The details are well thought out as AV owners had the time to customize their finishes.   AV was Phase II of the project and accordingly, the design and plans are 5 years newer than FN.

AV homes all have gas stoves and dryers. Whereas only FN custom homes have this option; with all FN Village homes having electric stoves.   AV homes have closets ... this is something only a Loreto Bay owner would laugh and fully appreciate.  
I am so pleased to announce that in 2016, we have sold 4 completed homes in AV from $179,000 to $225,000.   No more $135,000 listings in AV ... those days are long gone now!  We also sold 2 shells, which is even more important as every finished home adds value to the entire development; no matter where it is located.  I have 2 more hot prospects with their 1st choice in AV, priced as high as $399,000.
In the same time period, we have sold 3 homes in Founders priced from $197,000 to $233,500. These sale prices are also up from last year for our Casa Chicas.  In addition, we had two low ball offers made this year; both of which were not countered or accepted.  
This is a very strong indicator of how our real estate economy has changed.  At Loreto Bay Homes, Buyers know that our prices are fair market value and our Sellers are confident with their product and listing.   
In total we have had 13 offers of real sales made in the last TEN weeks.  

There is approximately $8MM USD in construction happening in Loreto Bay at this time. There are 2 very large custom homes being built on the canal in AV; 3 custom homes on the 9th Hole; 3 custom homes on the beach in FN; 2 more custom homes on the golf course in FN; and I am building out the commercial Casa Alta and vacant lot on AV158/159.   

All of these should be completed before the end of the year. This is truly amazing and not a total surprise.   People on the ground know what a great place this is and will become. It is the time to invest before choice locations are no longer available at reasonable prices.    
Our DEAL OF THE WEEK is AV198 which is a Nueva Chica 2 bedroom, 2 bath, located among finished homes near the community pool.   It has a tower with amazing mountain and canal views.  Very nicely furnished and includes most housewares.  It is an amazing value and has just dropped the price to $168,000 USD.   Don't delay on this one!

No matter where you choose to live in Loreto Bay, you are part of our wonderful and safe community.    Our development has 800 homes sites; and there is a friendly neighborhood just right for you.  

A nice way to end my scenic walk was seeing my friends Mario Cortes and Juan Carlos, playing golf with their buddies early this morning.  
This is THE PLACE TO BE!   

I look forward to seeing you in Loreto Bay very soon.

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom"
George S. Patton