Loreto Bay Sells 700th Home!!

Congratulations to Loreto Bay Company. This weekend they sold their 700th homesite. It was a smaller group than normal, but the buyers were very positive and really enjoyed getting to know all the existing home owners on the ground. The sales were in excess of $7 Million which added to the $300 plus Million already sold. Everyone has been very pleased with the activity of construction over the last 6 months and you can see a town taking shape.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the difference from this November 2003 picture, when there were only lines in the sand around the Camino Hotel. It was a snails' pace start, but it seems to be catching up … slowly but surely.

The Saturday night party is still a lot a fun, but admittedly the crowd is getting tamer as times goes on. This is probably because the first few events were such a leap of faith that more tequila was required to celebrate the spontaneity of the moment. Now the buyers are more educated about buying in Mexico and better understand the investment potential. From pictures you can always tell the home owners that have been around for a few parties such as Jane Lurie of 203, Linda and James Wright of 222 in the middle. They are having the most laughs.

Here’s Susana in Accounting, Jamie Master Copula Artist, Tonu & Nancy Bruns of FN353 and Rhonda from Touch of History.

It was good to catch up with my girls from Team Loreto Bay. Particularly, Jennifer who now is responsible for all Contracts of Purchase, and Cynthia who handles the Lot Closings. There are so many incredible young people in this company and I miss the girls in Scottsdale who were all like my sisters.

More and more home owners are arriving each week now that the weather is a perfect 84 degrees. It was Russ Demers birthday (FN109 and FN323). I gathered up 16 home owners for dinner at Loreto Islas to wish him the very best. Russ and his wife Cindy are at the head of the table together in this picture.

The chef made up a quick pancake cake with chocolate sauce on 10 minutes notice. The trio serenaded the crowd, including Carmen Colborne(FN58), myself, and Maureen Mitchell (FN14). I'm not sure why every picture I have has a wine glass prop on the table?? It was a great evening.

Other than the Sales Event, the other big news this week was the Baja 1000 pre race. Now seriously … when you see this macho machine parked next to the electric golf cart… which do you want to take for a spin? I think the environment will survive for 5 days a year when you think of all the money, fun, and exposure that this event brings. The men that arrive with their Big Boys Toys are really serious. No carousing and late night drinking for them. They come in, get organized, shower, eat and get ready to leave at the break of day to stay ahead of all the others. I do know that they come back often with their family and friends outside of the race and support the local community and maybe are future homeowners? For more information on the race, check out the website: http://www.score-international.com/


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