Happy Labor Day - Back to Business; Back to Reality

Labor Day is an annual holiday all over the world to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. The majority of countries, including Mexico, celebrate Labor Day on May 1 and it is popularly known as International Workers’ Day. In the USA and Canada this national holiday is over 100 years old and celebrated on the first Monday in September. Over the years it has evolved from a purely labor union celebration into a general “last fling of summer” festival.

What a great summer it has been. I spent 6 weeks in Southern California and Scottsdale doing absolutely nothing. I made no plans, had no agendas or objectives, did not multitask and only checked my messages every few days. I caught up on two years of sleep, read mindless fiction and watched TV for days on end. My only important decisions were what delectable food I would enjoy that is never available in Loreto. Mexican food and tequila never touched my lips.

I spent time reflecting on the past few years, and started a vision board for the future. It is difficult to know what we want unless we experience what doesn’t make us happy. Everything always works out … and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I still have my sense of humor, my health, my friends, and a wonderful canvas upon which to paint a happy picture.

I admit it was difficult coming back to Loreto. Getting things done in the USA is so quick and easy, and much less expensive than here. Things we take for granted like mail service, Kinkos, fast food, drive through ATMS, any and all information and business services are just a click away. Here you need copious notes just to make a phone call and that’s if you already have the number! Everyday it’s a scavenger hunt to do the most basic things as shop for food or find trades people to work. The worst thing we can do is to compare this place with where we come from.

Loreto is special and unique. Its beauty and tranquility continues to make me stop in my tracks. The roads are a mess with Hurricane Julio dumping hordes of rain upon us, but the mountains are incredibly green and inviting. The storm has passed with no damage but has brought cooler temperatures. Passing the cows on the boulevard and seeing the little children laughing all the time still makes me smile. It is good to be back and welcomed in a place that seems to have stayed still. The more things change, the more they remain the same. This is Loreto and this is my home.

There have been many changes in the last few months. Continental and Delta Airlines have both pulled out and we are down to three flights a week with Alaska/Horizon. Aero Mexico still flies regularly through Hermosillo to Loreto. All businesses have been hit hard by the US economy, but there is a subtle optimism in the air that we have hit bottom and things will be on the rise soon.

This is now the time to invest, make strategic changes to capitalize in a down market, and move forward to establish a strong foundation for the next economic wave that is coming. There are so many signs of this happening in Loreto and I will be sharing these with you as they happen. What we are seeing is foreign investors and local government working together to proactively make change. Also, the local Loreotanos are seeming to grasp that change is necessary and foreign investment is a long term commitment to work together towards a final goal.

Our boat charters are gaining momentum and this has been a great fishing season. We have had some fabulous trips with catching fish in the morning and then snorkeling with the seals on Coronado Island; and then anchoring off the white sand beaches in crystal clear waters. An amazing day that is “priceless”. The water is 85 degrees and being on the water is so much cooler than on land this time of year.

I was reminded of an interview I did with Lynn Ward on LifestyleYak in May 2007 when I was full of energy and enthusiasm. It never ceases to amaze me how things can change so quickly. I have now closed my hotel and bar, although it would be fun to start them up again when the economy improves. My focus has always been real estate and I think the investment of hard work and money in the last few years will pay off as we are well positioned to be the leaders in knowing ALL products in this general area. We have such a diverse inventory of land and products coming up … that no one else can touch. My dream of One Stop Solutions is still a hugely viable niche in this emerging real estate market. poco y poco, step by step … we are in this together. The link to the interview on OFF THE BEATEN TRACK can be found at http://lifestyleyak.com/?p=13

This week I just wanted to say hello and thank those that have kept in touch over the summer. As always, your friendship is the basis of our worldwide virtual community and I look forward to seeing you in Loreto!

Have a great weekend and let’s get back to business and having fun!

Miss Nellie

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