Summer Fun Still Going Strong in Loreto

It is 93 degrees with 67% humidity and feels like 110 F. We have now cleaned up from Hurricane Julio which dropped our year’s quota of 8 inches of rain on Loreto. No real damage but a lot of water, dirt and mess to clean up. The hillsides and fields are beautifully lush and the cows are quickly fattening up from the green pastures. My camera has given up after 2 years of blogging … so hopefully I will be able to replace it soon and show you the wonderful sights of this magical place.

In the meantime, I will share with you the great times that we had on the water this summer aboard REEL TROUBLE. Capt. Chino and I have worked very hard to make sure this is MORE than a fishing trip and we will organize your day to make it memorable for your whole group experience. These are my friends from Calgary, AB … girls just wanna have fun!

FUN means “You’re the boss!” Whether it’s to chase the sailfish / marlin, catch your limit of Dorado, swim with the seals, snorkel, or just drink beer and hang out at the white sand beaches of Coronado with your favorite CD playing… just let us know beforehand … and we will make it happen. In the summer it’s generally very smooth so people prone to motion sickness don’t have a problem especially being on our bridge.

REEL TROUBLE is a luxury sportsfisher so it is very safe and comfortable. A great day on the water for all ages. We have had kids on board and there is nothing better than seeing their face when they catch their first fish or squeal when the dolphins come and play with the boat. Maya preferred to drive the boat … we’re grooming her to be first mate!

Here’s a testimonial from Robert Lopez, FN236 … “Cindy, Tyler, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help on our last trip to Loreto. The Velero del Mar boat was fantastic and Capt. Chino and his sons did a great job all three days. From the Dolphins hanging out with us, to diving with the sea-lions, to the perfect sunset cruise to honeymoon bay, it was an amazing vacation. I have to give you credit for picking the perfect, place, time, and setting up the boat with great wine and cheese to make the sunset cruise for our anniversary absolutely magical. And to think, we almost changed our plans because we were worried about going back to Loreto in the August heat…as long as you and that boat are there, we’ll be back every summer.”

Here’s a testimonial from Greg Wolfe, Los Angeles … “Chino Yee is the best captain and the owner - Nellie - is the best hostess in town! We limited on Dorado with great action in the morning, swam with the sea lions in the afternoon, and finished the day with great snorkeling on a nearby white sand beach in crystal clear water. An awesome day on the REEL TROUBLE with Nellie and crew….. Highly recommend!”

Albert from L.A. was busy catching, releasing and smiling among the schools of Dorado. It is our policy to release marlin, sailfish, and smaller female dorado so that we can maintain these waters as a prime fishing area for years to come. This is Albert's first time in Loreto although he has fished Baja California Sur many times. He will be back!

Jay’s a happy man from Chicago! They don't fish like this on the Lakes! You should have seen the "one that got away"! Capt. Chino fillets your catch and we deliver to your door for dinner or ready to freeze and take back home. We have not seen any yellowtail tuna yet but they should be here soon. I actually prefer them for eating and they can get very large as well. Fresh yellowtail sashimi … what a treat!! For a fishing chart on this area go to:

Being from New York, Frank wanted to see how far we could take the adventure! Chino found more dorado as we were heading into port. The Port Captain had already radioed an alert and called all boats back as the storm was moving in fast. The group just HAD to get one more big one… so down went the lines and we had 3 Fish On at one time. All the while, Chino and I are watching the clouds get darker and move faster to overtake us. Get those lines in! Get the fish in the tanks and let’s move it!! We spent 45 minutes in the pounding rain and wind … it was Hurricane Julio and the perfect storm. Dark, exciting, unpredictable careful what you wish for!

There are 10 day celebrations currently going on now for the Loreto Festival, which included the Governor’s Cup Fishing Tournament, live music and entertainment, amusement rides and other activities. September 16 is Independencia Day in Mexico and the celebrations will continue until everyone is exhausted. Flags of all sizes are being sold on every street corner and many businesses and schools will be closed during this time. More business next week … there’s no hurry … this is Loreto.

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